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About Miracle cbd

The perfect combination of high-standard pre-rolled CBD joints with a modern design.

By placing a major emphasis on selecting the finest-quality flowers of medical cannabis, we have created a peerless and unmistakable organic product.

For all avid collectors of cannabidiol, rightly called a miracle of nature because of its unique properties.

CBD produkty miracle cbd

Premium CBD flowers

At Miracle cbd, we select only top-shelf indoor CBD cannabis flowers from certified suppliers. All strains are grown purely organically.

Certified tubes

Ultra-thin French FSC-certified paper is a guarantee of exceptionally high-quality materials used in production and maximum environmental friendliness.

Optimal moisture

Non-toxic patented technology guarantees stable moisture content during storage, preventing degradation of the odour and consistency.

Double protection

We double-wrap our pre-rolls to ensure absolutely perfect cannabidiol storage conditions.

Exclusive design

All these qualities are accentuated by the product’s exclusive design, making each piece a unique collector’s item.


Ivan Kloc

Recenze hvězdičky žluté

Kluci to myslí vážně a mají super zboží, doporučuju.

Michaela Nová

Recenze hvězdičky žluté

Rychlá komunikace i doprava, skvělý přístup. Na Miracle cbd nedám dopustit!

Patrik Hron

Recenze hvězdičky žluté

Zboží v TOP kvalitě. Rychlé dodání. Naprostá spokojenost!

Petr Krejča

Recenze hvězdičky žluté

S klukama skvělá komunikace, kvalita zboží TOP a za lidskej peníz ! Vřele doporučuji.