HHC pen PREMIUM 99% Mango Queen 0,5 ml


HHC foam 99% Mango Queen

With each additional hemp product, we move forward HHC sale to another level! Living proof is the HHC pen Mango Queen, which hides the ultimate charge of hexahydrocannabinol in the amount of 99%! The taste of mango may seem bland to some, but in our case it is a very pleasant and juicy affair that you must not miss!

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Category: HHC sale

Form: Disposable HHC pen

Content: HHC

HHC foam 0.5 ml Mango Queen

The disposable HHC pen from the Miracle CBD Premium Series offers up to 250 puffs. The combination of tropical mango flavor and 99% HHC guarantees a phenomenal experience - higher content HHC you won't find it on the market anymore. We convinced ourselves of the quality and tested everything "on our own skin" and brought it to perfection, so that we could offer you the best of HHC sales.

The biggest advantages of vape pen and HHC cartridge

Check out the main reasons why vaping is so popular:

  • Easy handling - disposable HHC pen you can start using it immediately. With an HHC vaporizer with exchangeable cartridges, it is enough to replace the used container with a new one with pure HHC distillate, which is a matter of a few seconds of screwing.
  • No smell - HHC pen offers a discreet way to use cannabinoids without the typical smell of cannabis smoke.
  • Fast onset of effects – inhalation through vaporizers offers de facto immediate effects. The aerosol travels directly to the lungs, where it is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream. Effects can be seen in just a few minutes.
  • Controlled dosing – each coating contains an exact dose of the substance, which allows not only more accurate dosing and control over the effects, but also easier planning of further purchases.
  • A healthier alternative to smoking – vaping is considered a safer alternative to smoking, which also applies to vape pens and HHC cartridge.

Discover the limited edition

Miracle CBD introduces a limited edition HHC vape offering a disposable HHC pen in six summer flavors. Each pen contains 0,5 ml of 99% HHC and hemp terpenes or flavor, providing a unique vaping experience. Available flavors include Lemon Dream, Mango Queen, Bubble trouble, Coco Jumbo, Cactus Jack and Banana Split.


Also try the larger package – HHC Pen XL with a capacity of 2 ml

For our most demanding customers, we bring the HHC version of the pen in XL size, which contains 2 ml of distillate, which corresponds to approximately up to 1000 puffs! For a discounted price, you can buy all your favorite flavors as they are Coco Jumbo with a volume of 2 ml, Cactus Jack, Banana Split and more.


Warning: Products Miracle CBD they are intended for collecting and research purposes only. In no case are they intended for consumption. Prohibition of sale to persons under 18 years of age. Keep out of reach of children!

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