HHC oil 5% lemon

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HHC oil 5% lemon

Premium hemp oil with a high content of hexahydrocannabinol (HHC) with a lemon flavor. The still little-researched cannabinoid HHC should have comparable effects to THC! Volume 10 ml (approx. 250 drops) with contents 500mg of HHC

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Form: Tincture

Content: HHC

HHC oil 5% lemon

Premium hemp oil with a high content of hexahydrocannabinol (HHC) with a lemon flavor. The still little-researched cannabinoid HHC should have comparable effects to THC!

Volume 10 ml (approx. 250 drops) with contents 500mg of HHC

Country of origin: Czech Republic HHC 5% | THC <1%  


Potential effects of HHC oil

Due to the very similar chemical structure of tetrahydrocannabinol, it can reasonably be assumed that cannabinoids HHC and THC they will have the same therapeutic effects on the human organism. Medicinal cannabis sold on prescription has a whole range of beneficial benefits that are reflected in the consumer's psychological as well as physical health. In the case of THC, these effects are supported by a number of expert studies and our ancestors knew about them already thousands of years ago. Since HHC products are a relatively new commodity on the European market, we can assume that HHC oil will have the same effects, although they are not yet sufficiently substantiated:

  • Reduction of stress level – Modern times have made our lives much easier, there is no doubt about that. However, it also brought with it the negative consequences that today's lifestyle brings. He rushes everywhere, everything runs at an incredible speed. From all the hustle and bustle and responsibilities, we very often have stress, which is destructive to the psyche and physical health of the individual. HHC oil should be able to reduce the level of stress to a minimum so that we can have a better quality of life without unnecessary tension.
  • Help for depressionChronic stress is the most common cause of depression of varying severity, which can make a person's life very unpleasant. And what's worse - they can take away the joy of life itself. Alternatively, this could be solved with the help of HHC oil, which according to the opinions of its users has far-reaching potential for improving mental well-being. The states after taking hexahydrocannabinol are often described as deeply relaxing, even euphoric!
  • Better sleep and falling asleep - If we are under constant stress, in the worst case even under the weight of daily depression, it is certainly very difficult for us to fall asleep. We can't stop all the worries and fears that run through our heads before falling asleep. However, if we are able to relieve ourselves enough during the day thanks to HHC oil, this will also be reflected at night. We will be able to fall asleep much faster and will not wake up repeatedly at night and stare at the ceiling for long hours.


Other possible effects of HHC drops

  • Better and faster regeneration – All the aspects listed above are interconnected. Together they form a whole. So if we improve in one area, there will most likely be an improvement in another area as well. Once we reach inner peace and balance, we will rest much better because the body will work properly. Thanks to HHC drops, you could have much more energy than before.
  • Pain Relief – The analgesic property of cannabis is a well-known fact. Hemp flowers, but also other products such as hemp ointments and balms, bring relief from pain. When CBD cosmetics locally at the site of application, other cannabis products affect the entire organism. It can therefore be assumed that HHC oil also has strong analgesic effects, as it acts on the overall calming and dampening of our system.
  • Anti-inflammatory effect – The anti-inflammatory ability of cannabinoids is just as well known, and perhaps even more so. This is one of the main points why CBD drops have become so popular. Actually, not only CBD, but also CBG oil. In case of problematic healing, cannabidiol and cannabigerol act as a natural medicine. We believe that hexahydrocannabinol aka HHC works just as well, if not better, on this issue.
  • Increased appetite with nausea – When we are sick, our body needs to receive nutrients, vitamins and minerals in at least the same amount as when we feel well. If we do not supply him with these important substances, then it will be difficult for us to recover from the disease. But what should we do if we simply don't feel like doing anything? We could find the answer in the form of HHC drops, which can increase our appetite even if we are not completely healthy.


Effects of HHC in conclusion

If the statement seems to you the main ones (actually there are many more) potential effects of HHC familiar, then no wonder. You probably have a sufficient overview of cannabinoids and their effects on the human body. Yes, effects of HHC could indeed be as attributed to similar elements from hemp, such as CBD, CBG, CBN and other cannabinoids. However, you will probably have to wait a while for these claims to be scientifically substantiated, so this information about HHC oil may not be relevant.


HHC sale - we offer other variants of HHC oils and drops

We love to give our customers, whom we value deeply, the opportunity to choose from quality products containing hemp cannabinoids. It is no different in the case of HHC drops, which you can find with us in concentrations from 5% HHC to 50% HHC oil! We also offer several fruit variants - cherry HHC oil and lime HHC oil with a content of up to 40%. For more conservative collectors, we have walnut oil of two concentrations – 20% and 50% HHC OIL!


What is HHC?

Three letters HHC they indicate an element called hexahydrocannabinol. It belongs to the same group of cannabinoids as CBD, CBG, but also THC and other elements of the hemp plant, of which more than 100 have been documented to date. Specifically, HHC was discovered and isolated by an American chemist named Roger Adams. He first managed to identify and isolate hexahydrocannabinol in 1944, i.e. four years after the first isolated CBD. This too was identified thanks to the same scientist who can rightly be called the father of cannabinoids. Unfortunately, in the plant kingdom, HHC is found in very limited quantities. The content of hexahydrocannabinol in the hemp plant is not higher than 1% of its weight. However, it is not only found in hemp flowers, but also in hemp seeds.

Fortunately, there are ways to get it successfully HHC extract. The production of HHC is possible in several ways. In the case of Roger Adams, it was originally about the hydrogenation of THC, but now the method of converting CBD is used, since the handling of psychotropic THC is not legal in the Czech Republic. Once we obtain the HHC extract in a complex professional way, we can then use it to produce products with a high percentage of hexahydrocannabinol, such as a vape pen, HHC oil, gummies aka candies and other edibles, HHC liquid, but also premium cannabis flowers. Of course, it cannot be missing from our e-shop HHC flowers cheap. All important information about HHC, effects, side effects, production, individual products and much more can be found on our cannabis blog in the article HHC sale: From A to Zet!.

HHC oil review

We are no novices in the cannabis business. We have been moving in it for years and we still do it with the same passion and commitment as in the beginning. That is why quality results speak for our work. Instead of long lines, read instead HHC review from our satisfied customers. You can therefore rely on us in the area of ​​HHC sales. 🙂   Warning: Collector's item! Not intended for consumption! All HHC products we sell for collector, laboratory and research purposes only! We do not encourage anyone to consume it under any circumstances! We are not responsible for improper use. Our site does not approve or otherwise support the abuse of narcotic and psychotropic substances! With his purchase, the customer confirms that he has been properly instructed. 

No sale to under 18s. Keep out of reach of children. Product in accordance with Act §167/1998.  


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