HHC flowers ULTIMATE – Banana Split 30%

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HHC Flowers Banana Split 30%

Cannabis flowers with a high cannabinoid content called Banana Split are among the ultimate HHC flowers. If we were to describe such cannabis in detail, we would have to speak about them exclusively in superlatives. In any case, these are not the commonly seen brown HHC flowers, which have a somewhat repulsive impression. It's the exact opposite! Fragrant and fresh HHC flowers ULTIMATE they are the absolute top in their category! The rich aroma of this perfectly dried and hand-trimmed hemp with a large amount of hemp resin gives you the impression at first sight that it is something extraordinary. This also corresponds to the breathtaking composition of the flowers, which have a total of more than 50% hemp cannabinoid content. In addition to 30% HHC and 20% CBD, they also contain other cannabinoids and terpenes. (e.g. CBG, CBC and others..) The effects of HHC in this case are even stronger than in traditional high-potency cannabis with a significant THC content.


Category: Flowers

Form: HHC flower

Content: HHC, HHC-P, CBD, CBG

HHC flowers Banana Split 30% HHC

Banana Split cannabis flowers from Swiss production belong to the category of ultimate HHC cannabis, which can only be objectively described in superlatives. If it occurs to you that it is most likely another dozen HHC flowers, which we extol to the heavens, you are wrong. We named HHC flowers ULTIMATE this way because it is the absolute tip of the iceberg among the highest quality cannabis on the market. Strongly aromatic flowers with an enormous amount of resin and naturally occurring terpenes contain 30% HHC (hexahydrocannabinol) + more than 20% CBD (cannabidiol). The cannabis whirlwind of these and many other cannabinoids (CBG, CBC and more..) produces an extremely strong cannabis that has effects equal to, if not stronger than, classic marijuana with a high THC content! Forget the repellent HHC flower brown colors that are covered with poorly applied and low-quality distillate. We are professionals in all respects, which is why we bring you cannabis with a magical aroma and fresh appearance, which HHC flowers ULTIMATE can unanimously confirm. In short, a joy to look at, a real treat for the eyes!

HHC < 30% | HHC-P <1% | CBD <23% | CBG <1% | CBC <1% | THC <1%


The brand new series of the most selected genetics of indoor cannabis is represented by HHC Ultimate flowers from Swiss production, which, in addition to hexahydrocannabinol, also contain a number of other cannabinoids and terpenes, which are necessary to achieve the so-called entourage effect. Content CBD over 20%, perfect firm structure, wonderful aroma and fresh healthy green color. Even the most ardent cannabis grower won't know the difference between these legal HHC flowers and "hard" marijuana, which in most cases should be ashamed of this absolutely perfect stuff! With all modesty – these are the strongest and highest quality HHC flowers on the market, which qualitatively puts even HHC cannabis category 50% in your pocket! Bottom line, if you really want the best that can be found on the European market, then let yourself be swept away on the wave of euphoria synonymous with ULTIMATE flowers from Miracle CBD. You can choose from 5 phenomenal genetics, in which you simply cannot find a single flaw!

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What is HHC?

Abbreviation HHC refers to an element found in the cannabis plant, in other words a cannabinoid called hexahydrocannabinol. More than 100 related cannabinoids have been discovered so far in the laboratory investigation of the cannabis herb. Each of these elements has unique effects. The representation of HHC in the natural form of cannabis is minor, usually up to 1% by weight. We can find it in hemp seeds or in the pollen of inflorescences. Thanks to the most modern laboratory methods, we are able to extract pure CBD extract from hemp flowers, which is gradually transformed into the cannabinoid HHC under expert supervision thanks to a chemical reaction.

HHC flowers effects

The effects of HHC could be compared to those of THC. However, there is one fundamental difference – hexahydrocannabinol is completely legal according to the current legislation of the Czech Republic! Another important feature of HHC is that it does not bring the same side effects as THC, where you can experience paranoia, brain fog or long hours of not being able to do anything if you consume too much. According to current information, the cannabinoid HHC has really impressive effects on sleep. According to one of the studies, it extends the sleep period by hundreds of percent! Furthermore, it should have the ability to block pain, reduce the level of anxiety or have a positive effect in the treatment of inflammation. Some users even report experiencing states of euphoria after applying HHC flowers. However, we will probably have to wait for some time to verify these claims, as the cannabinoid HHC has only been in the spotlight for a short time. Effects, production, individual HHC products and many other useful information related to (not only) cannabis are described in detail on our blog in the article HHC sales: From A to Zet.

Warning: HHC flowers are not intended for consumption!  Hemp intended only for industrial, technical, horticultural or collector purposes, or for further processing. It is not intended for direct consumption, vaporization or smoking. The product is subject to natural weight loss. No sale to under 18s. Keep out of reach of children.

HHC flowers - more information

All HHC flowers from our offer are properly certified and are among the hemp varieties approved for the European market. The THC content in cannabis does not exceed 1%. By fulfilling these conditions HHC sale the legislation of the Czech Republic allows. It comes from experienced farmers with years of experience in the field of cannabis cultivation. HHC flowers from the indoor category, which are rich in hexahydrocannabinol, cannabidiol, cannabigerol and other cannabinoids, are only grown indoors under artificial lighting. This is done in optimal conditions under strict professional supervision. We store all types of cannabis in airtight containers in a cool and dark place, which is why they retain their long-lasting freshness and distinctive aroma. Due to the large volume of goods taken, our very high quality HHC and CBD cheap and available to all.

Indoor cultivation of cannabis

Thanks to the long-term preservation of completely stable, sustainable and even conditions, we are able to achieve a several times higher CBD content than is the case with growing cannabis in classic outdoor or greenhouse conditions.

HHC review

We are no novices in the cannabis business. We have been moving in it for years and we still do it with the same passion and commitment as in the beginning. That is why quality results speak for our work. Instead of long lines, read instead HHC review from our satisfied customers. You can simply trust us.

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