HHC flowers Cannatonic 30%

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HHC Flower Cannatonic 30%

A very pleasant combination of aromatic citrus cannabis, together with a distinctive terpene profile reminiscent of the popular tonic drink, make HHC Cannatonic flowers one of the most sought-after genetics on the market. HHC Cannatonic flowers from the Classic category are very popular not only because of the 30% HHC content, but also because they are fluffy, fresh, have a healthy green color and, in addition to hexahydrocannabinol, they also contain other organically occurring terpenes and flavonoids, which underline the attractiveness that this HHC flower undoubtedly has.

HHC < 30% | THC <1%


Category: Flowers

Form: HHC flower

Content: HHC

HHC flowers Cannatonic

Hemp flowers with 30% HHC Cannatonic varieties are large, well-grown and distinctly aromatic. We find sour citrus in the aroma and taste, the aroma also includes woody to earthy notes. Cannabis flowers are grown organically under expert supervision, which guarantees stable conditions for a higher content of active substances. In order to preserve the high quality of HHC flowers, their aroma and fluffiness during storage and transportation, we pack them in airtight bags.

What is HHC and what are its effects?

HHC (hexahydrocannabinol) is one of over a hundred cannabinoids found in cannabis plants. It produces similar effects to THC, but with two important differences – it is fully legal and, according to reviewers, the side effects are said to be significantly lower. So, unlike THC, they are not HHC flowers illegal and the regulation has also not been approved yet. So for now it isn't HHC sale not limited at all.

The potential effects of HHC are approaching those we know from THC. These include changes in perception, euphoria and relaxation, but also relief from pain, some psychological problems (e.g. depression) or insomnia. In some ways, this cannabinoid is similar to the popular CBD, with which it sometimes "competes" in folk medicine circles.

HHC flowers and information about them

Under the term HHC flowers, we find high-quality CBD hemp, which is enriched with HHC distillate. The final concentration of this substance depends on the amount of extract used - thanks to this, flowers with different HHC content can be created. In addition to hexahydrocannabinol, other cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids are naturally found in flowers. Next to the psychoactive cannabinoid, the already mentioned cannabidiol (CBD), whose share can reach several tens of percent.

HHC and legislation

All offered HHC flowers are thoroughly analyzed and fall into the category of cannabis varieties approved for the European market. The THC content in these flowers does not exceed 1%, which meets the conditions for sale according to the legislation of the Czech Republic. They come from the workshops of experienced farmers with many years of experience in the field of hemp cultivation.

Growing and storing HHC flowers

Cannabis plants used to produce flowers are grown either in closed spaces with artificial lighting or in heated greenhouses. This takes place under strict professional supervision, under optimal conditions for plant growth. After infusion, HHC flowers are stored in airtight containers, stored in a cool and dark place, which ensures long-lasting freshness and intense aroma.

Sales of HHC and other cannabinoids

We do not focus exclusively on cannabis flowers, but also on other CBD and HHC products. With us, everyone will find something for themselves, as you will find an immeasurable offer in our offer HHC pen, liquids, HHC cartridge, gummies, jelly and others HHC candies, broad spectrum CBD drops, oils, capsules and much more. There are also products with new derivatives, such as THC-P, HHC-P, H4CBD!

Warning: Flowers Miracle CBD are intended for collecting and research purposes. The flowers are not intended for consumption. Prohibition of sale to persons under 18 years of age. Keep out of reach of children!

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