HHCpo flowers Predator Pink 12%

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HHCPO flowers Predator Pink

Top-quality cannabis flowers from indoor production combined with super strong HHCPO distillate are a completely legal alternative to HHC flowers, which have unfortunately been outlawed. The psychoactive substance HHCPO acts very similarly to HHC, as they are closely related. Its concentration of 12% together with 20% CBD is a guarantee of maximum quality, which also underlines the perfect appearance of the inflorescence, which, in addition to the breathtaking aroma, is also characterized by a solid structure of sticks and a large amount of hemp resin. In short, Predator Pink flowers are a must have in your collection!

HHCPO < 12% | CBD < 20% | THC < 1%

We can deliver until 23.5.

Category: Flowers

Form: HHCPO flower

Content: HHCPO, CBD

Warning: Flowers Miracle CBD are intended for collecting and research purposes. They are not intended for consumption or smoking. Prohibition of sale to persons under 18 years of age. Keep out of reach of children!

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