HHCpo cartridge 1 ml Bubble Trouble

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HHCPO cartridge 1 ml Bubble Trouble

The ban on HHC put a stop to products containing the psychoactive hexahydrocannabinol. So you won't find HHC in our product, but that's no reason to be sad. HHCPO proved to be the best alternative to banned cannabinoids, which has identical effects throughout, while it is not on the list of prohibited substances. Our HHCPO foams and cartridges are therefore fully legal. Specifically, the Bubble Trouble cartridge is nostalgically reminiscent of childhood years when pink chewing gum was the most popular of all!

HHCPO < 20% | THC 0%

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Category: HHCPO

Form: Pen

Content: HHCPO, CBD

Warning: Products Miracle CBD they are intended for collecting and research purposes only. They are not intended for consumption, inhalation or smoking. Prohibition of sale to persons under 18 years of age. Keep out of reach of children!

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