CBD hemp tea for sleep

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CBD hemp tea for better sleep
CBD hemp tea for better sleep and better mood.

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Form: Tea

Content: CBD

CBD hemp tea Deep Sleep


CBD tea - dosage

The recommended dosage is 1-2 sachets per day.  

Preparation of CBD tea

  1. Place the tea bag in your favorite cup (approx. 250ml)
  2. Pour hot water over the tea bag.
  3. Steep for 15 minutes. Take your time to get all the herbal benefits.
  4. Take out the tea bag, relax and enjoy!

CBD tea is best enjoyed as a soothing drink before bed.  


What is CBD

CBD is short for cannabidiol – one of the 100 active compounds (cannabinoids) found in the scientific study of cannabis. Each of the cannabinoids has its own unique function. Specifically, CBD has an anti-inflammatory and relaxing effect in our body. CBD, along with other cannabinoids in the plant kingdom, in the vast majority of cases occurs naturally in all forms of the cannabis plant – whether it is classic marijuana, technical or medical cannabis. Cannabinoids (CBD, CBG, CBN...) and their effects are described in detail in the section blog.