CBD oil 24% Miracle CBD

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CBD oil 24% full spectrum

Premium broadband CBD oil with an extract from organically grown hemp, which, in addition to cannabidiol, also contains other cannabinoids and terpenes, which are very important for achieving an optimal effect on the body. The basis of our pure natural CBD oil is purified coconut MCT oil, which harmonizes natural processes in the body. In addition, it makes CBD drops have a much milder taste. We guarantee the highest quality and an extremely high-quality composition! A 10 ml bottle contains approximately 200-250 drops.

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Category: CBD oil

Form: Drops

Content: CBD, CBG, CBN

CBD oil 24%

Exceptionally high quality and highly effective CBD oil with a top composition. All the ingredients we use to make our hemp oil are purely natural and completely harmless. Our tinctures are also properly certified and have a purely natural origin, which is why they are also suitable for vegans. A bottle with a concentration of 24% contains 10 ml, which is synonymous with 200 to 250 cannabis drops. The carrier oil for our CBD drops 24% is purified coconut MCT oil, which helps the body better absorb cannabinoids (substances extracted from hemp) and at the same time guarantees the finest taste. Ingredients: coconut MCT oil, hemp extract, 2400mg CBD (cannabidiol) Warning: Not suitable for pregnant and lactating women. Keep out of reach of children. Shake before use. Store in a dry and dark place. Do not exceed the daily dosage.  

CBD oil – dosage and use

Unfortunately, there is no standardized prescribed dosage for the use of cannabis drops that works equally well for everyone. Each of us is an individuality, which corresponds to the behavior of our organism. For this reason, it is necessary to start with a lower dose at the beginning of using hemp oil and gradually add until we find the optimal amount that will bring the desired effect. Cannabidiol is not addictive, there is no need to worry about that. However, there is no need to give the body an excess of banabinoids, in which tolerance could develop much more easily. Despite all this, however, there is a recommendation CBD oil dosage, according to which it is good to follow at least in the initial stages of use. Women and beginners: Not only women, but also all people with a lower body weight and/or complete beginners are recommended to start with CBD drops of a lower concentration. Full-spectrum is perfect for getting to know the effects of cannabidiol CBD oil 7%. It can be a perfect helper for reducing body tension, stress or with weaker sleep problems. Golden mean: CBD drops 10% a CBD oil 12% they are a worldwide hit as they show the best results in comparison of effects and purchase price. The therapeutic benefits of cannabis drops of this strength are really very promising, as they can help with moderately severe psychological problems and also with many medical conditions, which we cannot name here, as CBD oil is not an approved medicinal product, but merely a dietary supplement. Dose the hemp oil in the amount of 3-4 drops per day. More serious difficulties: Those who have long-term problems with sleep, pain, anxiety or depression will undoubtedly need a much stronger concentration than individuals who just want to relax better thanks to hemp oil. It is advisable to look for intense pain, unpleasant psychological conditions and many other more serious problems CBD oil 30%, eventual CBD oil 24%. Take it in the range of 1 to 4 drops, increase or decrease the dose if necessary. CBD oil for children: Many may be surprised, but CBD drops are also suitable for our little ones. Provided, of course, that it comes from a trusted source. Lower concentrations of cannabidiol are more than enough for children. They are considered optimal CBD drops 5%, which are recommended to be dosed in the range of 1-2 drops per day. (Ideally morning and evening)  

Using CBD oil

If you want to get the most out of hemp oil, use it CBD drops in the form of dripping under the tongue, then wait for about half a minute and then swallow. In this way, you will achieve the fastest and at the same time the strongest effect.  

Our CBD drops

If you decide to fully trust us, know that we will certainly not disappoint you. Our hemp oils rank among the absolute top on the market. Compared to other sellers, we can guarantee a very pure composition, where you will find other cannabinoids (e.g. CBG, CBN...) in adequate, not trace amounts. So how would it be with an honest full-spectrum CBD oils in short, it should have been.



We are not new to the market. On the contrary, we have many years of very varied experience in the field of cannabis, thanks to which we can offer you the best quality CBD and HHC products, best service, express delivery, gifts with purchase and many other benefits. Join thousands of satisfied customers!  

CBD oil or you should know

Unfortunately, it is no exception that CBD drops made from an isolated form of cannabidiol, i.e. from a powder, appear on the market. Although such hemp oil contains the declared amount of cannabidiol (although not in all cases), it does not contain other very important substances that are almost necessary to achieve the maximum effect. We are talking about other cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids, which significantly enhance the effectiveness.  

What is CBD?

Many of you know him very well, but we must not forget those who meet him for the first time. So what is CBD? In a nutshell; it is a substance that cannabis contains. It belongs to the same group of cannabinoids (hemp compounds) as, for example, THC. Unlike it, however, it does not have a psychoactive effect, but still provides a deep relaxation to the body and mind. Cannabinoids and their effects are described in detail in the section blog.  

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