Many of you have already noticed an article on our blog in the past about sheep that grazed more than 250 kilograms of hemp in Greece. However, this case was not unique in the world! Let's zoom in on another story about sheep and cannabis!

Sheep are currently a hot topic in the cannabis industry. After the already mentioned story from Greece, we have decided to publish one from Great Britain, which has also made the rounds in the world media and is strikingly similar to the previous case.

Let's take a closer look at this surreal situation!

a flock of sheep observing a cannabis plant

Confusion in Rhydypanda

In the small village of Rhydypandy, near Swansea, Wales, the residents have recently experienced real turmoil. It was caused by sheep that after consumption hemp they began to wander throughout the village, walking through residents' gardens. One of the sheep even entered the house, leaving a mess in the bedroom. 

Most likely, the sheep grazed the remains of illegally grown cannabis, which was located on a black dump near the village. The total weight of the cannabis was not precisely determined, but it was clear from the condition of the sheep that it was not a few grams for the user's personal consumption. 

We would therefore recommend first-class CBD products, which you can find on our e-shop, not only to sheep, instead of hemp!

The problem with illegal landfills

The area near Swansea has been dealing with a really high number of black dumps for a long time, and after the situation calmed down, the mayor appealed to residents to report similar dumps immediately. He drew attention to the ongoing investigation of these crimes. However, it was interesting that it was not the biggest problem cannabis cultivation, but the landfill itself. 

sheep looking for hemp scraps in a landfill

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Author of the article: Matej Bina


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