Current drug tests can detect THC. But what if you take HHC products and get stopped by the police? Are you afraid that you will test positive? We will tell you if the tests can detect HHC and what to do if there is a false positive test.

Hexahydrocannabinol (HHC) are among the cannabinoid substances in hemp. In recent weeks, it has sparked debate about its legality, as it has fallen into the hands of children and teenagers who have ended up in hospital after recklessly consuming it. As a result, this cannabinoid has been temporarily banned. However, it is possible that you have a stash of HHC at home and are wondering if it will show up in a drug test. So how is it?

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Psychoactive HHC works similarly to THC

Do you drive a car, engage in elite sports or are you awaiting a drug test at your employer? You probably need to know the answer to the question of whether drug tests will pick up HHC. First we need to understand how this substance works in the body. This cannabinoid is found in small amounts in cannabis, so it is produced by chemically converting legal CBD. Its effects are similar to psychoactive THC, although it is "just" a THC derivative with an additional hydrogen double bond. A compound called hexahydrocannabinol is created through a process called hydrogenation, where a hydrogen molecule combines with another compound or element.

This means that HHC is not exactly the same as THC, although they work similarly. HHC will give you energy, but you probably won't be as euphoric as after taking THC.

Police check: What will happen?

Most commonly, you will encounter police drug tests that work by having the officer take a saliva sample from you using the swab panel of the tester. After about 10 minutes, the indicative result will be shown. If you test positive, the police officer will invite you to collect biological material at a medical facility. If you do not comply, you may be fined between 25 and 000 CZK and banned from driving for 75 to 000 months.

HHC detection tests: Czech scientists are working on them

There are currently no tests to detect HHC and kratom in the body. However, scientists from the University of Chemical Technology are working on the development of these tests, and according to recent reports, the police could start using them within 3 years. The question remains how to determine the threshold values ​​for HHC and kratom that would determine whether a driver is under the influence of these substances and therefore unfit to drive a vehicle. For THC, this value is set at 2 nanograms, and if THC in the body exceeds 10 milligrams, it is a criminal offense.

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How long does HHC stay in the body?

Assuming you have taken HHC, how long does it stay in your body? This time is different for everyone and cannot be determined with certainty. It depends on several factors:

  • Frequency of use: The more often you use it, the more it accumulates in the cells and the longer it takes to be eliminated through metabolism out of the body.
  • Metabolism: A faster metabolism helps to eliminate hexahydrocannabinol from the body more quickly.
  • Stress level: Stress slows metabolism and increases HHC detection time.
  • Possibilities of use: The extract from edibles stays in the body longer than when using HHC pen.
  • Age and weight
  • Health problems
  • Taking medication

In general, cannabinoids are fully metabolized after 4 to 6 weeks for regular users, 2 weeks for casual users, and 2 to 3 months for long-term users.

What if there is a false positive test?

Although HHC cannot be directly detected by common drug tests, there is a risk that the tests will come back positive for THC because it can detect the presence of this cannabinoid and its metabolites. You may also test positive after using non-psychoactive cannabis products containing CBD or CBG, which may contain trace amounts of THC. In this case, never refuse a police call for a blood sample. The blood result will probably not show the borderline values ​​for the offense and thus you will avoid unnecessary complications due to disobeying the call. If you are planning to travel somewhere by car, it is better to save it for a later time.

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I need to get HHC out of my body: What to do?

Do you need to accelerate the elimination of HHC from the body? Whatever your reason, it depends on your metabolic rate. You have no choice but to give your body time. However, you will come across several tips on the Internet that will supposedly help you flush it out of your body. Many people believe that they can speed up this process by moving and increasing their fluid intake. But you'd better not overdo it - if you drink several liters of water before the test, you will put unnecessary strain on your kidneys and it will not guarantee that you will flush out the cannabinoids from your body. Also avoid dubious detoxification products and rely on the natural power of your organism. Trust me, with a little patience, HHC will wash out of your body soon.

How about trying non-psychoactive alternatives?

Current drug tests do not detect HHC, but THC. However, these two compounds are so similar and produce similar metabolites that there is a high probability of a false positive result. Why risk it? Rather rely on CBD products without psychoactive substances. Induce inner peace, try a therapeutic one CBD oil from our offer!

Do you need help?

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Author of the article: Radka Kelichová


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