Kratom, THC and HHC: What do these substances have in common? They provoke heated discussions in society, and experts differ on whether they are harmful or not. Kratom is supposedly a dangerous opioid, after THC you start to forget and HHC is the second THC. Why are these substances demonized and actually addictive?

The more the popularity of cannabis and herbal stimulants grows, the more people talk about possible addiction. In this article, let's take a look at the risks associated with kratom, THC and HHC - available substances with extraordinary properties. What happens in the body when you take these substances? And can you develop an addiction?

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1. Kratom: A controversial plant with many question marks

Asians believe that kratom has opiate-like stimulant and analgesic effects. Even in Europe, we have come to like it in the form of a powder. However, some experts warn of possible addiction. Additionally, the substances in kratom may work for longer than previously thought. Studies suggest that some people may experience mild to moderate withdrawal symptoms after withdrawal. On the other hand, the powder is much safer than other stimulants and traditional opioids, which are prone to addiction and overdose.

What withdrawal symptoms can occur in kratom users?

  • Irritability, restlessness
  • Nausea, diarrhea
  • Mood swings
  • Insomnia
  • Muscle pain

More than 5 grams a day? Beware of addiction

Research shows that regular kratom users can actually experience withdrawal symptoms. According to some experts, the substances in kratom can activate the same receptors in the brain as addictive substances. The body gets used to the substance and reacts to its lack. The risk of addiction increases if users consume more than 5 grams per day and more than 3 times per day. Dependent individuals need higher and higher doses to experience the same effect.

We wouldn't see it so blackly: does it also remind you of a caffeine addiction that you can get rid of in a few days? Also speaking in favor of kratom is the fact that it is in the crosshairs of researchers who are developing new drugs to treat chronic pain, withdrawal symptoms and opioid addiction.

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2. THC: The Dangers of Modern Marijuana

THC is a well-known substance in cannabis that is renowned for its psychotropic effects. There are several studies that state that marijuana has its risks. Up to 30% of marijuana users have a problem with its use. Addiction to marijuana develops in 10% of users, and age plays a key role here as well. The earlier a person starts THC, the higher the likelihood of addiction. Those who start using marijuana at a young age (before the age of 18) have a 7x higher risk of addiction than adults.

The THC content of marijuana has almost doubled

Regular users of THC may experience problems with attention and memory over time. Worryingly, the THC content of marijuana has almost doubled in recent years. When you use cannabis with a high concentration of THC and choose, for example, a form of vaporization, you will get a good dose of THC. Scientists don't yet know what the consequences are for your body.

What withdrawal symptoms do users report after quitting marijuana?

  • Irritability and restlessness
  • Sleep Disorders
  • Less appetite
  • Physical discomfort

The good news is that these symptoms usually go away within two weeks.

3. HHC: Demonized Cannabinoid

The addictive nature of HHC is still debated. Although this substance is psychoactive, according to anecdotal information it should not be addictive. Further research on users should confirm this. According to one study, HHC should exhibit weaker pharmacological and intoxicating effects than delta-9-THC. So it can't be said for sure if it's addictive, even though it works similar to THC. HHC interacts differently with the endocannabinoid system, and studies to date have not shown this cannabinoid to cause addiction or withdrawal symptoms. Some users have revealed that they did not experience any side symptoms after stopping HHC consumption.

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Author of the article: Radka Kelichová


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