The acronym HHC resonates more and more in the public space and in private discussions. If you do not know at all, or have only a vague idea, what HHC actually is and what its effects are, you are in the right place to get answers to your questions. For example, you will learn how HHC flower differs from THC, but also what HHC products are available on the market and what you can expect from them. Know that they have a lot to offer!

If you take a look around our blog, you will immediately find out that it mainly deals with the issue of cannabis and kratom. For that reason, our frequent topic is HHC, which can be considered a legal alternative to THC. It is therefore a component of cannabis that is psychoactive. However, unlike THC, you can buy many hexydrocannabinol products, not just HHC cannabis flowers. You can come across very popular edibles, HHC pen, cartridge, liquids, oil and many other products.

However, how do you know your way around a wide range of products? Which products have the strongest effects and which ones last the longest? We will try to give you a satisfactory answer to that today. But let's start with what HHC is and where it actually came from.

What is HHC

HHC, or hexahydrocannabinol, is a unique cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant. Hexahydrocannabinol occurs naturally in the plant, but only in very small amounts. For that reason, it is mainly produced by the hydrogenation process. Therefore, we can describe HHC as a semi-synthetic cannabinoid, which, however (just like THC or CBD), originates from Mother Nature. Hexahydrocannabinol belongs to the group of psychoactive cannabinoids, as it can affect sensory perception, induce an altered state of consciousness, induce a feeling of euphoria, etc. Of all the cannabis compounds, it is the closest to THC, but we will get to that later in today's article.

Now let's discuss the specific effects of HHC and also say something about its history.

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Effects of HHC

Hexahydrocannabinol was discovered in 1944. It is therefore not a recent discovery of the 21st century, which may surprise many of you, as it was not talked about at all until recently. It could be said that it was somewhat of a forgotten cannabis derivative, so unfortunately we don't have much scientific knowledge about its long-term effects.

What we do know for sure is that the similarity to THC is enormously high. We know a lot about tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and since the chemical patterns of these cannabinoids are almost identical, it can be assumed that the resulting effects will be very similar.

So what potential effects can we expect from HHC?

  • altered state of consciousness
  • inducing a feeling of happiness or even euphoria
  • high relaxation
  • better mood
  • regulation of various physiological functions
  • pain relief
  • increased appetite

Ppotential benefits

Again, we have to remind you that the information about the effects is very limited, so it is more about the claims of reviewers or trusted foreign sources than scientific evidence. What other potential benefits can HHC offer?

  • in a lower dose, it can increase energy levels
  • promotes good sleep (in reasonable amounts)
  • helps with physical discomfort
  • calms the rapid flow of thoughts
  • it will increase the sensitivity of visual and auditory perception
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Hemp products with hexahydrocannabinol

As we mentioned in the very beginning of this article; there are quite a large number of products with hexahydrocannabinol, so it can be somewhat difficult for those who are not familiar with cannabis products to find their way around the wide selection. For that reason, we bring you a list of products with hexahydrocannabinol and a brief definition of what it actually is. Based on it, you can evaluate yourself which form will be most suitable for you.

HHC flowers: This term most often refers to CBD hemp infused with HHC distillate. At a glance, it is indistinguishable from classic marijuana. Practically the same effects as in the case of THC. Very fast onset of effect in just a few minutes.

HHC pen: The vaporizer pen can be either disposable or with a battery for replaceable containers, which we call cartridges. Again, very fast onset of effect and, in the case of 99% HHC pen, very intense effects.

HHC cartridge: Compared to disposable HHC, this is a more economical and ecological option. cartridge can be purchased in many flavors. After the initial investment in the battery, you will save a few hundred crowns with each subsequent purchase.

HHC liquid: The most financially advantageous product from the vape category is e-liquid for electronic cigarettes, which is most often sold in a 10 ml bottle. It will last a very long time, as this volume has a good portion of hexahydrocannabinol!

HHC edibles: Another hugely popular category of HHC sales. Under the label edibles, we can find candies or gummies, teddy bears, jellies, cookies, brownies and many other snacks.

HHC oil / drops: You all know CBD oil well. HHC oil is also produced on the same basis, which can also be mixed with other cannabinoids (in our case, for example CBNO). The speed and effectiveness of the drops varies according to the method of use.

HHC extract: A somewhat special category that the sale of cannabis products brings are extracts. Undoubtedly, hash and dab can be identified as the most famous protagonists. These are very strong extracts for the most experienced cannabis users.

Joint: We refer to HHC flowers wrapped in cigarette paper as an HHC joint. This is similar to regular marijuana or hemp cigarettes.

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HHC vs. THC - What's the Difference?

These two psychoactive substances differ in several ways. Although the similarity of the chemical formula of the two substances is striking, they differ by one double hydrogen bond, which HHC has in addition to THC. Hydrogenation makes this cannabinoid more resistant to oxidation. This means that the active substance in cannabis flowers or products should remain "functional" for a longer period of time. Light, heat or age have a lesser effect on its degradation.

Reviews also suggest that the effects of HHC are more relaxing, while marijuana is more sedating. If we look at the comparison in terms of research and available information, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) will clearly rule this statistic, as it has been researched for many decades.

Structure of the molecule:

  • THC or delta-9-THC is the major psychoactive compound found in the cannabis plant.
  • HHC is also found in hemp, but in higher concentration it is necessary to apply the process of hydrogenation of THC or conversion from CBD. Thanks to this, the structure of the compound changes, as the unsaturated bond is transformed into a saturated one.

Do you need help?

If anything is not clear to you and/or you want advice on the selection, please write to us below in the comments below the post, via contact form or send us a question by e-mail Thank you

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Article author: M.Sc. Nina Cibulkova


NOTICE: Cannabis and kratom products are exclusively for collector, industrial and technical purposes. Alternatively for further sale and processing. In no case are they intended for consumption, inhalation or smoking! The described effects are purely informative. Company Miracle CBD does not approve or otherwise support the abuse and sale of psychotropic and narcotic substances!

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