Many oncological patients around the world do not give up Phoenix's tears allow, as they significantly reduce the side effects of chemotherapy and can even allegedly stop tumor growth. However, part of the public calls them a drug that can have fatal consequences in extreme cases. So where is the truth? What are the real effects of Phoenix Tears?!

For those of you who have never heard the term Phoenix tears, here is a brief explanation of what it actually is. Simply put, it is one of the most potent and concentrated forms of cannabinoids from hemp. In practice, you may also come across names such as hashish oil, phoenixes or simply hemp extract.

phoenix tears extract

Phoenix Tears: How are they made?

Hashish oil aka Phoenix tears is made from dried female flowers of cannabis and marijuana. In the case of the illegal version of hashish oil, it is a substance that is extracted from flowers with a high content of tetrahydrocannabinol, known by the abbreviation THC. Hashish oil is extracted with a solvent, but it evaporates during the process.

However, development is constantly moving forward, and nowadays it is already possible to legally purchase Phoenix tears, which are in accordance with the applicable legislation. For example, those that you can find in the offer of our CBD & HHC shop contain only permitted cannabinoids of the type CBD, CBG, H4CBD and other therapeutic ingredients, while the THC content is within the legitimate limit, i.e. up to 1% by weight.

Compared to the widespread CBD and CBG drops, however, this is a significantly more concentrated cannabis extract, as the percentage content of cannabinoids in the extract is in the higher tens of percent. For example the strongest CBD oil from our offer has 3000 mg of CBD (30%), whereas Phoenix tears have three times the amount of cannabinoids in total, while the specific cannabidiol content is equal to 60% CBD.

Phoenix tears and their history

phoenix tears

One of the main protagonists of the hashish oil called Phoenix tears is a well-known activist named Rick Simpson. He suffered an unpleasant head injury, for which doctors prescribed synthetically obtained medications. However, the pharmaceuticals had many side effects that Rick could not tolerate very well.

When he no longer knew what to do, he decided to bet on the power of nature and therefore started making his own homemade cannabis extracts, because he worked for over 25 years in Canadian medicine and therefore had the necessary experience. Activist Simpson was very pleasantly surprised when he found out that in this way he discovered, according to him, one of the greatest natural medicines of all time, which are Phoenix tears. They should be able to treat a wide spectrum of more or less serious diseases.

Not long after this completely revolutionary discovery, Rick resorted to growing his own cannabis, which he subsequently used to produce the above-mentioned cannabis concentrate after harvesting. This very strong, but unfortunately illegal extract with a high THC content in our area, is also famous under the abbreviation RSO. (Rick Simpson Oil = Phoenix Tears).

Rick Simpson who thanks Phoenix tears overcame cancer, he became convinced that this natural miracle could help many other people around the world. Being an active and socially minded individual, he soon got to work and began spreading awareness of the natural miracle called Phoenix Tears.

Statistics to date speak of more than 5 people that Rick Simpson was able to effectively help!

Phoenix tears - effects and use

It must be admitted that the activist Simpson probably resorted to self-medication with cannabis because he heard about a study according to which tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) was able to destroy tumor cells in the body of a mouse. Treatment procedure with Phoenix tears he applied it in the following way: he applied hemp extract to bandages with which he bandaged the affected areas and left the hemp oil to work for several days. After about 4 days, he took off the bandages and repeated the procedure. To his amazement, the cancer soon stopped growing. Although his doctor definitely did not recognize cannabis as an alternative method of treatment, Rick really believed in the power of nature, in this particular case cannabis, and wonder of the world, real miracles began to happen.

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Effects of cannabis extract

The healing and therapeutic effects by which RSO aka Phoenix Tears can dispose of, we would find really many. We therefore bring you at least their basic list:

  • help with anxiety and depression
  • analgesic effects to reduce pain
  • reducing the occurrence of convulsions
  • prevention against inflammation
  • muscle regeneration
  • help in the fight against acne
  • relief from high pressure
  • reduction in incidence migraines
  • alleviation of epilepsy and neurodegenerative diseases
  • action against bacteria and viruses

In addition to the listed potential therapeutic effects, we can also find studies conducted on laboratory animals, which were helped by Phoenix tears to stop the growth of tumors. After all, Rick Simpson himself was based on this and to this day promotes the effects of medical cannabis for oncological patients. His claims have been investigated by a number of research institutes and universities. A study, for example, is worth mentioning Dana Farber Cancer Institute, which specifically states that cannabinoids have significant therapeutic potential.

How did this name come about?

While reading this article, the question of why has probably arisen in your mind ePhoenix Tears cannabis extract named after an ancient legend. Are we right? You are definitely not alone, we had the same thought when we first came into contact with this type of hemp oil.

Most likely, this is because in years gone by, it was truly believed that the tears of the mythical fire-winged man had healing properties, thanks to which they helped seriously ill people to recover. The phoenix is ​​a mythical bird that became synonymous with health, love and immortality for the inhabitants of ancient civilizations. It is said to arrive every 500 years to the same place where it dies in flames and is reborn from the ashes. Therefore, he was always considered a sacred being with supernatural powers.

Author of the article: Philip Hron

WARNING: Hemp products a kratom are exclusively intended for collecting, industrial and technical purposes. Alternatively for further sale and processing. In no case are they intended for consumption, inhalation or smoking! The described effects are purely informative. Company Miracle CBD does not approve or otherwise support the abuse and sale of psychotropic and narcotic substances!

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