Kratom in powder form, or in other substances, is a completely unregulated article on the Czech market. They are talking about a dangerous substance that is popular mainly among young people. Still others say that the effects of kratom are irreplaceable and make their lives easier.

You may have already met him in person. You may have heard about it in connection with the ongoing debates regarding the possible ban or regulation of kratom, which have been going on for months or years. For what reason? It is said to be a dangerous drug with a high degree of potential addiction. Maybe you've never heard of him. So what is it really like and what is kratom?

kratom tree mitragyna speciosa
Plants of a tropical tree with the Latin name Mitragyna speciosa.

What is kratom

Kratom is the name for a tree of tropical origin that can be found mainly in Southeast Asia. The technical name for this tree is Mitragyna speciosa. In Indonesia, it is also associated with the following terms: thang, kakuam, ketum, biak, or thom. In Bali and Borneo, it has been used for many centuries by indigenous tribes mainly for its stimulating effects. In higher doses, kratom can have the opposite effect, i.e. a sedative effect.

The leaves contain two main psychoactive substances mytraginine and 7-hydroxymytraginine. The inhabitants of the fourth most populous country in the world usually pour hot water over the leaves and make tea out of them. Other methods of preparation typical for Southeast Asia are smoking these leaves, or crushing the leaves into a powder that can be consumed as a drink or in capsules. In recent years, it has experienced the greatest boom and is gaining more and more popularity globally.

In the Czech Republic, however, it is not an approved nutritional supplement or food, therefore the sale of kratom is not possible for the purpose of consumption by end customers. Of course, we do not sell it for this reason either, and we certainly do not recommend its use to anyone! However, Kratom is not illegal in our beautiful country, no law prohibits its free sale these days.

However, since the market for powder, dried leaves, capsules, or other products with Mitragyna speciosa extracts is not supervised in any way, buying from unverified suppliers can be a bit of a lottery. If you want to buy crushed leaf powder for further processing, you should find out about its distributor so that you have a guarantee the best kratom!

kratom products
Kratom can be found in many different substances.

History of Mitragyna speciosa

The exotic tree Mitragyna speciosa has grown in the wild for hundreds of years and thrived successfully. However, over time, people began to discover its effects and subsequently began to grow this tree in a targeted manner. The beginning of kratom cultivation in Thailand dates back to the 20s.

Mitragyna speciosa was especially popular with the original villagers from the south-eastern part of the island. They brewed the bitter leaves of kratom as a medicinal tea, smoked them in pipes, or chewed them during the day at work, which gave them immense amounts of energy for the hard work in the fields, which often left them in physical pain. This was also one of the reasons why the local peasants used it. In Southeast Asia, the leaves were often used as a poultice to heal wounds, or as an addition to healing ointments that had a beneficial effect on pain relief. In addition, people here appreciated kratom's beneficial effects on concentration and its purported effects on the treatment of a wide range of ailments.

The tropical tree is still cultivated in almost all of Southeast Asia, from where the vast majority of leaves and organic powder are exported to the whole world. Some Asian countries have strict regulations for production and sales that every farmer must follow. In Thailand, for example, kratom was legalized only recently. Specifically, this happened in 2018, when its production and export was officially allowed. Since the legalization, the Thai government has mainly promised higher revenues to the state treasury, which has indeed been confirmed, as huge quantities are exported from this location.

nature in thailand
Thailand and Indonesia are among the largest producers of kratom.

Kratom - effects and effects on the body

We repeat again that we really do not recommend its use to anyone. However, we are happy to bring you comprehensive education and therefore we will not make an exception in this case either. So let's talk about how it can affect our brain. The leaves of Mitragyna speciosa contain two important compounds, which we call alkaloids, and they have the above-mentioned effects.

These are mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. These alkaloids interact with opioid receptors in our brain. Taking lower doses has stimulating effects, especially in the case of green and white natural powder from crushed leaves. Kratom white is the most powerful stimulant of all kinds. Taking higher doses has sedative effects. It should have the strongest dampening effects red powder. It is located somewhere on the imaginary border between them golden kratom, which is a combination of red and white.

Doctors liken the principle of action of natural alkaloids for pain relief to the use of opioid drugs, which are supposed to bind to the same part of the nerve cell, just as Mitragyna speciosa leaf extracts do. However, there are still no clinical studies that deal with the effect of long-term use on human health.

Side effects

As they say - every coin has two sides. And it is no different in the case of kratom. In addition to the positive effects praised by the Indonesian population, the use of high doses of alkaloids also brings possible risks. Kratom is said to be highly addictive and regular use can lead to addiction. Mitragyna speciosa is psychoactive and in smaller doses can have a euphoric effect. However, in excessive amounts, it can cause hallucinations or breathing difficulties.

mitragyna speciosa leaves

Types of kratom

We divide it into three main types. These are red, white and green kratom.

Red kratom

Kratom red, aka red, is mainly attributed to calming effects in professional publications. It is widely found not only in Indonesia, but also on the European market and in the Czech Republic without exception. This species has been used for centuries for the treatment of various diseases and the onset of its effect is almost immediate. The best red kratom is Maeng Da Red.

White kratom

According to foreign users, the white powder made from crushed leaves, known in English as kratom white, is a very strong species, as it is supposed to have really significant stimulating and energetic effects. In Thailand, it is used as a suitable alternative to coffee, guarana and other stimulants to increase productivity and invigorate. The strongest white kratom is Maeng Da White.

Green kratom

Green kratom, or green in English, should be a balanced species of Mitragyna speciosa, which is partially stimulating, according to professional literature. On the other hand, it should be soothing and even euphoric at the same time. Among the most sought-after species are Maeng Da Green a Green Borneo.

kratom powder

Kratom gold or golden kratom

Kratom gold, Czech golden or also yellow kratom, is quite a rarity. It should be the most versatile of all types, as it is a combination of red and white powder.

Sale of Mitragyna speciosa

We sell all kinds of popular in our online store kratom powder with a high alkaloid content, but also with the purest composition, as our powder is regularly tested for the presence of heavy metals and pesticides. We can therefore guarantee that our kratom is the best of all for further processing!

If anything is not clear to you and/or you want advice on the selection, do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form or by e-mail Thank you!

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Author of the article: Philip Hron


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