We have put together a comprehensive guide to the world of HHC products for you. Here you will find all the necessary information regarding the effects of HHC, side effects, dosage, but also safety and the advantages and disadvantages of individual products. Starting with the strongest products with HHC 99%, through classics such as HHC cannabis flowers, to the revolution in the form of HHC pen, liquid and gelatin candies.

After a period of several years, when cannabidiol CBD enjoyed the greatest fame, a new cannabinoid is coming on the scene, which gives a completely different dimension to the use of hemp products. We are talking about hexahydrocannabinol, which you will rather meet under the name HHC. Internet HHC sales offering various products containing hexahydrocannabinol are starting to grow like mushrooms after the rain.

Since this is a completely new substance for many people (at least in the Czech Republic), comprehensive information about HHC can come in handy so that you don't have to look for the answer to every question you have on another page. So don't waste time searching and immerse yourself in the world of HHC sales with us, so you can subsequently evaluate whether this or that HHC product is intended for you, or it would be better to choose another alternative.

hhh foam
It is not only cannabis flowers that we can find among HHC products. The revolution is the disposable HHC pen.

What is HHC

If you carefully read the previous lines, you surely understood that the abbreviation HHC refers to the hemp cannabinoid, which is technically called hexahydrocannabinol. This somewhat jarring name refers to an element found in the cannabis plant that belongs to the same group of compounds as, for example cannabidiol CBD, cannabigerol CBG, cannabinol CBN and others.. If you are wondering whether psychoactive tetrahydrocannabinol alias THC also belongs here, then we will answer you in the affirmative. Yes, THC is also a relative of these cannabinoids. Effects of HHC they are even comparable to THC. So how are they different? Don't worry, you will learn everything, just keep reading.

Discovery of HHC

But first, let's talk about the history of hexahydrocannabinol. The year is 1940. An American chemist named Roger Adams has been intensively researching the cannabis plant for several years. This year is not only a turning point for him. He succeeds in identifying and isolating a pure CBD extract. It is thanks to this discovery that they come to prominence a few decades later CBD drops and other products that are commonly available today and are used as alternative treatments for a whole range of mental and physical ailments. Many studies have confirmed the therapeutic effects of the hemp cannabinoid, which we call cannabidiol.

But let's get back to HHC. Why are we actually explaining this to you when you got to the page about HHC sales? We present this information because scientist Roger Adams has diligently continued his cannabis research. Exactly four years later, i.e. in the war year 1944, he managed to identify and isolate the cannabinoid HHC. This is found in the organically grown hemp plant. Unfortunately, however, only in a trace amount, which usually does not exceed 1% of the weight of hemp dry matter. That's not much, is it? So how is it possible that we meet with HHC flowers 25% content? How can an HHC pen contain 99% HHC?

hhc flowers detail
HHC cannabis flowers can reach tens of percent of HHC content.

Isolated HHC Extract

There is a fairly simple answer to that. Adams was certainly no fool. Not only was he able to identify hexahydrocannabinol, he was even able to produce pure HHC extract! He did this thanks to a complex chemical process called hydrogenation. Even this discovery was truly groundbreaking, as it is still used today. As an example, we can cite the food industry, which uses this process to convert vegetable fats into margarine.

In the case of hydrogenation of cannabinoids, HHC can be obtained by conversion from THC, CBD and other sophisticated procedures. Specifically, Adams managed to get HHC in high concentration thanks hydrogenation of THC. However, handling tetrahydrocannabinol is unfortunately illegal in the Czech Republic without a proper permit. The legal standard for the free sale of cannabis is 1% THC. The original procedure is therefore practiced mainly in the United States of America, where there has recently been a significant federal relaxation regarding the use and sale of marijuana containing the intoxicating THC. So we have no choice but to HHC products produce in a different way. The legal way!

How such HHC production takes place is described in one of the next chapters. Since we promised you that we would bring you all the important information regarding hexahydrocannabinol, of course we will not miss this interesting part either.

hhc extract
We can meet several types of HHC extracts – wax, dab, crystals and others..


Effects of HHC and THC according to many consumers, they are very similar. So what is the main difference between HHC vs THC?

The first thing that comes to mind for comparison is definitely the fact that hexahydrocannabinol is a much less researched area. Illegal THC has been subjected to all kinds of research since time immemorial, whether with good or bad intentions. By this I mean an attempt to point out how the effects of THC are devastating, even though it has long been proven that even tetrahydrocannabinol has benefits for the human organism. Like it or not, that's just a fact. Unfortunately, we don't have that much information about HHC yet, so we have to go by what is known to date.

Hexahydrocannabinol HHC is completely LEGAL according to current legislation! The free sale of HHC or its possession is not prohibited or otherwise restricted by any legal regulation in the Czech Republic!

symbol of justice
Fortunately, you do not face criminal prosecution for possession or distribution of HHC cannabis in the Czech Republic.

HHC vs THC - what's being discussed on the forums..

On many discussion forums discussing HHC vs THC we read the interesting findings that the human body needs a much longer period of use to develop a tolerance to hexahydrocannabinol. As a result, this means that to achieve the desired effect, even after a longer period of use, a significantly lower dosage of HHC should be sufficient. The body quickly gets used to THC and the same doses no longer bring satisfaction in the long term, so consumers keep increasing them and thus create addiction.

If we put this finding aside and talk theoretically about a person applying a sufficient dose of THC (HHC) to produce its effects, we find the following on the Internet: Both substances have the potential to induce temporary states of euphoria and feelings of happiness, improve the area sleep and falling asleep, bring relief from pain, reduce anxiety arising from everyday worries, have an anti-inflammatory effect, but also increase heart rate and, in larger doses, induce altered visual and auditory sensations.

Which seems essential to me HHC vs THC difference is that hexahydrocannabinol should have much stronger relaxing effects, whereas THC is more stimulating. For the relief of chronic or acute stress, HHC products are therefore much better in comparison. We describe the specific effects of HHC on the following lines.

Every one of us sometimes needs to switch off. Today's time is busy and brings a lot of worries.

HHC sale - what effects can be expected?

Even before we go into detail HHC effects, let's look at the list of possible benefits for our organism in a nutshell:

  • Reducing stress levels
  • Help with depression
  • Improving sleep
  • Pain relief
  • Better and faster regeneration
  • Anti-inflammatory effect
  • Increased appetite with nausea

All of these benefits could come from using hexahydrocannabinol. Unfortunately, there is not enough research yet to be able to say with certainty that all claims are true. Nevertheless, everything indicates that sooner or later this information will be confirmed. We assume that both cannabinoids – both HHC and THC – have a very similar molecular structure. The only difference is that THC has one extra double bond. Preliminary studies suggest to us that HHC and THC should share the same safety profile.

Does the above list of possible positive effects sound familiar? No wonder! If you are interested in cannabis products or read the posts on our blog, you will surely have noticed that these are almost identical effects to those of CBD, CBG and other cannabinoids from hemp. It is a large family of related elements that have much in common. After all, each of them has its own specifics and special therapeutic properties for various mental or physical ailments. However, cannabidiol and cannabigerol (CBD and CBG) are non-narcotic and non-psychoactive substances. We cannot say the same about hexahydrocannabinol, because HHC review states something else.

effects of hhc on human health
It is probably only a matter of time before the healing effects of HHC are confirmed in research centers.

HHC effects and rate of onset

Now let's take a look at how quickly individual HHC products work and what HHC reviews tell us about them:

  • In case of use disposable HHC foam or HHC liquid hexahydrocannabinol begins to work almost immediately. On average, it takes around 5 minutes for HHC to be absorbed into the bloodstream and, thanks to this, begin to take full effect. For individuals who are not used to cannabis products, only a few puffs are enough to achieve an intense effect. On average, the HHC effects of vape foam last around 3 hours.
  • Cannabis flowers HHCs work on the same principle, i.e. inhalation into the lungs. The effects of HHC therefore appear in the same time as with HHC foam or liquid and also last for several hours. Again, novices who have not developed a tolerance to cannabis cannabinoids can get "high" with just a few puffs from a HHC cannabis joint.

HHC candies and their action

  • HHC gummies aka HHC candies take longer to work because they first have to be absorbed from the small intestine into the circulatory system. This process usually takes 20-30 minutes and is influenced by several factors. For example, your state of health, or whether you are on an empty stomach or have just finished a hearty meal. The onset of the effect can therefore take a much longer time than usual. Therefore, it is definitely not a good idea to get another one HHC jelly after 10 minutes, when it happens to you that nothing is happening. The advantage of HHC edibles is that they can work much longer than hemp flowers and foam, because they are absorbed gradually and it takes the body longer to successfully break down all the hexahydrocannabinol. You can find sales of HHC candies with hexahydrocannabinol <a href="https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1932/8043/files/Odstoupeni_od_smlouvy_EN.pdf?v=1595420299" data-gt-href-en="https://en.notsofunnyany.com/">HERE</a>.
The effects of HHCs and the speed at which they work can vary.

Side effects of HHC

Are you wondering if and what side effects HHC can have? As it is a member of the same cannabinoid family as THC, it also has similar properties that can cause different side effects. We have already told you that cannabinoids affect each of us a little differently. Therefore, the side effects of HHC can manifest themselves in different ways. The most common of these include:

  • dry mouth
  • increased heart rate
  • excessive sweating
  • red eyes
  • increased sleepiness
  • anxiety and paranoia - BEWARE! In high doses, it can cause anxiety states. In extreme cases, even paranoia.

A number of factors influence the manifestation of side effects of HHC. Starting with the mental state of the individual, their physical health, experiences with cannabis use and the creation of tolerance to a regular supply of cannabinoids.

If you have overdone it with HHC and experience these unpleasant conditions, follow the following recommendation:

  • Try not to succumb to the panic that excessive anxiety can lead you to. Remember that nothing terrible is happening to you, you are not terminally ill. It will pass, you don't need to see a doctor, you just have to wait.
  • Go for a walk in the fresh air and try to "breathe it out". You can't hurt anything by walking outside, and in many cases it helps effectively.
  • Take a cold shower. Cooling down your body will lower your heart rate and help you calm down so you don't panic.
  • Drinks plenty of fluids, ideally water. Hydration will help speed up the process of breaking down HHC.
  • Try to draw attention to a completely different thing or activity. Listening to music helps, or if you can, call a friend and talk to them to distract your thoughts.
calmness and meditation
The key is not to panic, after all, just like in life itself.

Dosage of HHC

The golden rule for using all cannabinoids is: Start with a small dose and, if necessary, gradually increase the dose if you feel that the cannabis product is not effective enough.

If you were to supply your body with unnecessarily high doses of cannabinoids right at the beginning, it may happen that the organism will develop a tolerance much faster and the effect of both CBD and HHC products will gradually decrease. Thanks to the gradual increase (either HHC, CBD, or perhaps CBG..) you will also be able to find out the optimal dosage of individual cannabinoids.

Since each of us is unique and each of our bodies metabolizes cannabinoids in a more or less rapid way, there is no fixed universal dosage of cannabis products. It is always necessary to try everything on your own skin and sometimes experiment a little before we manage to find out the optimal portion of cannabinoid that will bring beneficial benefits and we will simply feel good after it.

Recommended dosage of HHC

If you're looking for at least a rough idea of ​​the recommended HHC dosage range, you'll likely find these findings from various sources:

  • For complete beginners who have no experience with HHC products at all, it is recommended to start with a dose of around 5 to 12 mg of hexahydrocannabinol.
  • For occasional users of cannabis products, a range between 12 and 30 mg of HHC appears to be the optimal dose.
  • While everyday users could apply 30 to 60 mg of HHC in one dose without running the risk of severe side effects or even overdose.

I am based on the information contained on the portal Herb.co, where these numbers are given. However, this is still only a recommendation, where no one can guarantee that the effects of HHC will really be what you expect.. Our HHC shop sells Hexahydrocannabinol products for collectible purposes only, so please remember that our blog functions as a news portal only. For consumption these we do not recommend the products to anyone! HHC sale it is therefore intended only for cannabis collectors.

dosage hhc
Unfortunately, there is no universal recipe for HHC dosage.

HHC drug test

A drug test at the hands of an employer or a member of the PČR scares many cannabis and marijuana users. But how is it in the case of HHC, if it is legal in our country? Will HHC show up on a drug test? Of course, the very best option is to use it THC and HHC avoid if you expect to be drug tested. But let's take a look at what it is like if you take HHC and the testing actually happens.

HHC review - what does it tell us?

Online HHC Reviews do not agree unanimously. Although most people claim that they tested negative for drugs after HHC. But there are findings with the opposite outcome. Therefore, these HHC reviews cannot be taken as a coin of the given issue. In addition, the commonly used drug test, the so-called drug wipe, is not a very reliable tool for detecting the presence of psychotropic substances and it is not uncommon for it to make mistakes. The best option when testing positive is to go to the nearest hospital for a blood test, which is much more reliable. However, you will have to wait for the results, they are not something you can wait for... but they can save your driver's license.

Although the cannabinoid HHC is not the same as the psychoactive THC, its chemical composition is quite similar. It is therefore possible that it is metabolized in the body in the same way as tetrahydrocannabidiol. (delta-8-THC, delta-9-THC) However, what we know for sure is that HHC does not metabolize to 11-hydroxy-THC. It is this element that should be behind the final result of a positive test when using THC. However, this does not give us absolute certainty that the test will actually come out negative. The bottom line is that there is no clear answer to the question of whether HHC will show up on a drug test. It shouldn't come out positive, but unfortunately we can't put our hand in the fire.

drug test
A drug test should come back negative after taking HHC. But you better not bet on it.

How long does HHC stay in the body?

We will repeat ourselves again, but we have no other choice. Since there is still not much information about the relatively new cannabinoid HHC, we cannot give you absolutely accurate information about how long HHC remains present in the body. However, we can proceed from the logical reasoning that HHC is the closest of all cannabinoids to THC. Therefore, it should take the same amount of time before our organism can break it down 24%. The range varies on the horizon from 30 hours to XNUMX days. You should definitely take this into account if you may be subject to drug testing in the foreseeable future.

HHC Drug Test - Key Factors

What can affect the length of "stay" of HHC in our body? What product from HHC sales area does it pose the least risk?

  • 1. Frequency of use – If you use cannabinoids on a daily basis, then of course they will be detectable in your body for a longer period of time. Taking into account THC, we can believe that HHC metabolites can be detectable up to 1 month after the last use if you have consumed it for a long time. A urine drug test can detect HHC up to a week back because hexahydrocannabinol is absorbed by fat cells and it takes time.
  • 2. Age of the consumer – It is common knowledge that human metabolism slows down with advancing age. This can have a major impact on the breakdown of hexahydrocannabinol and other cannabinoids. So the younger and healthier you are, the more likely it is that metabolites will be flushed out of your body faster. If you are 20-30 years old, you can enjoy HHC foam Bubble Gum and metabolites are most likely to be broken down within a few days. It can be worse in the case of a person of retirement age, when the body works much slower and the metabolites can remain in the body much longer, even though the same HHC product was taken.
aging process
The age of the consumer also affects the breakdown of HHC.

Other aspects also play a role.

  • 3. Metabolism of the individual – I have an influence not only on the percentage of body fat, but also on how quickly the body can deal with foreign substances. It is affected by a number of aspects, our weight, the way we eat, but also how much physical activity we perform during the day and, last but not least, the level of specific enzymes in the liver play a crucial role.
  • 4. Method of consumption – The way HHC is administered plays a key role in its breakdown. A vaporizer containing HHC distillate has the fastest onset of action and it also works in the opposite direction. The body gets rid of cannabinoids from water vapor much faster. In contrast, such HHC candies it has to go through the digestion process, which is not a matter of one hour.
  • 5. Amount of HHC used – There is a simple rule here. The larger the dose of HHC you take, the longer its metabolites will be detectable in the body. If you only have one candy for example HHC gummies Skittles, you will be clean very soon. If you take all the pieces at once, then you have to give the body enough time to clean itself from the intoxication.

HHC production

The cannabinoid HHC can be obtained in several ways. These are specifically three working procedures to obtain isolated hexahydrocannabinol, from which products such as these are subsequently produced HHC pen, liquid, gummies, HHC extract and distillate, but also HHC flowers and other hemp products that the 21st century market offers in the area of ​​HHC sales. How does such production of HHC actually take place? Let's take a closer look.

  • 1. Hydrogenation of THC – The process of hydrogenation of tetrahydrocannabidiol requires three basic pillars of HHC production itself. We need hydrogen atoms, inert materials and high pressure for it. As an inert material, we can use, for example, palladium, nickel, platinum, or even rhidium. They will serve as catalysts for us. When we expose THC concentrate to high pressure, we destabilize its structure by loosening and breaking its double bonds. We will subsequently restore the stability of the cannabinoid with the help of hydrogen.
  • 2. By converting from CBD – The second way to obtain HHC is through conversion the cannabinoid CBD with the help of artificial gastric juice. In Europe, this is the most widespread method of obtaining hexahydrocannabinol. The first procedure is illegal in European countries and in the third case the production of HHC is not very effective.
  • 3. HHC production from terpenes – The third and last possibility of HHC production can be achieved thanks to terpenes such as L-carvone or citronellol, otherwise also called dihydrogeraniol. Even in this case we need hydrogen atoms and the use of high pressure. The only difference is that we need an even higher temperature for the catalysts.
research in the laboratory
Cannabinoids and their effects are researched in the laboratory.

HHC products

Freely available HHC products are legal mainly because they do not contain more than 1% THC, which is still on the list of narcotic and psychotropic substances in the Czech Republic. But you probably understood that from the chapter What is HHC. For addition, we state that the collection of laws does not say anything about hexahydrocannabinol and its content in hemp products. HHC sale is therefore completely legal in 2023.

Since however HHC products they are becoming very popular and their popularity is skyrocketing, their regulation is being discussed. This should mainly concern the prohibition of sales in vending machines on the street, where it is not possible to verify the age of the buyer. The same thing is going on with kratom. This, together with HHC products, should only be available to customers of legal age. We completely agree with that, the restriction on adult citizens is absolutely fine. We ourselves already sell these products only to people over 18 years of age. But how the enforcement of these amendments will turn out remains a mystery.

The first HHC products

The sale of HHC started rather inconspicuously. It was not so long ago that the first CBD shops began to appear cannabis HHC flowers. They differed significantly in terms of content and quality, and they still differ today. If you are a true believer in the cannabis herb, you will surely prefer this HHC product over others. However, we live in a modern and rapidly developing time, where the market for hemp products is not left behind. The dynamically developing hemp industry came not long after with other types of products containing the cannabinoid HHC in high amounts.

HHC shops now offer HHC gummies in addition to cannabis flowers. We can also meet with the English names HHC jelly or HHC edibles. However, behind all these labels, gelatinous people are equally hiding HHC teddy bears and other sweets with hexahydrocannabinol, which will get you into a state of strong intoxication.

hhc teddy bears
HHC teddy bears are one of the most popular HHC products.

HHC sale - not only teddy bears..

In addition to rubber bands, HHC liquid, i.e. a refill for electronic cigarettes, is also appearing on the market. If you don't want to invest in buying an electronic cigarette, there is another way to enjoy the therapeutic effects of HHC. We are talking about a product called the HHC pen, which is disposable HHC vape, which is ready for immediate and easy use. For maximum vaping enjoyment, it is made with delicious fruit flavors and you will get high within just a few puffs thanks to the astronomical content of 99% HHC!

The imaginary circle of sales of HHC products with the highest possible content of hexahydrocannabinol is closed by HHC extracts, which are mainly dominated by HHC Hashish, HHC dub a HHC wax. If you are at least marginally interested in cannabis, we certainly do not need to explain to you what those terms mean. If you have never come across these names and you feel as if we are speaking Chinese, do not worry, you will learn everything in the following paragraphs. Just invest a few minutes in reading and even hemp HHC extracts will not be a Spanish village for you.

HHC 99

A section with products containing 99% HHC could be identified as a special category for the sale of HHC products. Products with content HHC 99% you won't find much on the hemp market, as even HHC extracts from hemp usually reach a maximum of 95 percent. The exception, however, is a revolutionary product called the HHC pen. Otherwise, also HHC vape, HHC vaporizer, etc. This disposable HHC vaporizer pen it contains almost 100% HHC distillate and that's a real ride! Inhaling such a pure HHC distillate is guaranteed to take you to another dimension. Compared to hemp joints, it offers many advantages.

One of them is really simple handling - you don't need to have any experience with packing joints, because the HHC pen is ready for immediate action. Dragging HHC flowers, shredders and papers with filters in your pockets is gone. In addition, you will appreciate that you will not smell the omnipresent smell of cannabis flowers. It's a beautiful scent, but those around you may not share the same opinion and may pigeonhole you.

Another advantage is that the disposable HHC pen does not produce any smoke, but only water vapor full of hexahydrocannabinol. That's actually two benefits in one! Water vapor full of cannabinoids has no smell and therefore no one knows what you are actually inhaling. In addition, steam does not contain nearly as many pollutants as smoke. Burning creates a lot of toxic compounds, the worst of which is tar, which settles on the lungs. This way of taking HHC is therefore significantly healthier than smoking joint.

HHC sale - proven classic HHC flowers

If you were to look for a really hot commodity in the cannabis market in 2023, you would have to conclude that HHC flower is currently the best-selling item across the spectrum of over-the-counter cannabinoids. Sales of HHC flowers breaking records and leaving popularity behind CBD drops, flowers and other CBD products. What is really behind it?

Although opinions vary and HHC reviews are not always unanimous, most people who deal with HHC flowers agree that they have similar effects to high THC marijuana. There is not much of this in HHC flowers, the upper limit is 1% of dry weight. On the market we can find flowers with a THC content of up to 0.2%, 0.3%, but also with 1% THC. The last option is of course the most effective, because cannabinoids work best when they are together. This is the so-called entourage effect, translated into Czech as an accompanying effect, which ensures the highest possible effect of cannabis flowers. Once we have a broad-spectrum product, we can be sure that it is a superior material. This is true in the case of HHC flowers, but also CBD drops, CBN drops and other hemp products.

cannabis flowers
Hemp flowers are a proven classic.

HHC flowers effects

The effects of HHC play a major role in the whole matter. The higher the HHC content in the flowers, the higher their effectiveness will be. However, we must also point out that HHC sales are not currently regulated in any way. Anyone can write anything about their product, because there is no supervisory body to check whether the stated HHC values ​​correspond to reality. As we consider ourselves a serious HHC shop, we let our HHC flowers regularly test for the content of all cannabinoids. In addition to a very high proportion of HHC, they also contain CBD. And that in the amount of around 20%!

HHC flowers cheap

HHC flowers from our offer contain an honest 25% HHC. You can guess why they perform so much better than 40% HHC flowers from other vendors. Legal cannabis flowers with hexahydrocannabinol can induce feelings of euphoria, significantly improve your mood, and plunge you into a deep sense of relaxation and relaxation. In addition, HHC has a perfect effect on sleep and falling asleep. Although there are not many studies, HHC reviews describe significant improvements in this area, which is so extremely important for good mood.

Thanks to a discount coupon worth 20% on your first purchase, you can buy our fluffy ones HHC flowers cheap! And not only for HHC cannabis flowers, but for a whole range of other products with HHC content. Whether it is HHC pen, liquid, or gummies and other edibles, you can apply the discount to the entire contents of your shopping cart. Which HHC product you choose depends solely on you.

HHC pen

HHC pen, the full name HHC vape pen, as the name implies, is the designation for a disposable HHC vaporization pen. We can also meet names like HHC vape, HHC vaporizer and more. This disposable vaporizer works on a very similar principle to an electronic cigarette. Only with the difference, however, that we will use HHC distillate instead of liquid to inhale cannabinoids.

Distillate with an HHC content of 99% (or less) is heated in the foam to the optimal temperature and thus produces water vapor full of hexahydrocannabinol. Compared to smoking a cannabis joint, this is a much less aggressive method of using cannabinoids, as we only inhale steam, not smoke containing tar and other harmful substances that can cause respiratory problems and settle in the alveoli.

If you think that the HHC pen is about nothing, then we will lead you astray. The HHC pen will do it for us. Since it contains almost pure HHC distillate, you only need to take a few puffs and within a few minutes you will have strong effects. Of course, if you have the ritual of wrapping a joint as your daily favorite activity, then HHC vape is probably not for you. However hemp joint it still has the same taste – that of cannabis. It can be more or less intense, pleasant, irritating.

However, HHC sale offers vape products with which we can experience something new every time. Their delicious flavors will simply get you! We can choose from a wide range of aromas. Popular species include HHC pen cactus, mango, but also a foreign vape HHC with the flavor of coconut or chewing gum!

hhc pen various types
HHC pen is much more acceptable in society.

Other benefits of HHC pen

In addition to great taste, smell and fast onset of action, the HHC pen also offers a much more acceptable method of using cannabinoids in society. It does not produce the smell that is typical of hemp and marijuana. The smoke produced is indistinguishable from a classic electronic cigarette. So if you are sitting in the summer garden in front of a restaurant, for example, you can take a few drags from the disposable HHC foam even with a beer and you will be pretty high in a short time, even though everyone will think that you are using an ordinary electronic cigarette.

Disposable HHC vape usually contains 250-300 covers. If we calculate with the fact that already 3 puffs will be effective, the HHC pen comes out to us as a much cheaper alternative compared to the HHC hemp joint. Not only cheaper, but also much more convenient because you don't have to master the techniques of wrapping joints in order to smoke. You can start using the vaporizer immediately, it is built for immediate use. As soon as you run out of HHC distillate, you throw it in the trash and hooray for a new one. You can find sales of HHC foam in the HHC vape e-shop category.

HHC sale - cartridges

As if the English wasn't enough. As you can see, the world is becoming globalized and it is also reflected in our regions. HHC cartridge characterizes disposable cartridges, if you will, cartridges, containing HHC distillate. These cartridges with hemp solution with a high proportion of hexahydrocannabinol are intended for HHC vaporizers. In addition to hemp oil, they also contain terpenes and can contain various aromas, which is why we can come across many fruity variants.

Like the HHC pen, it offers its users a discreet way to consume hemp cannabinoids. If you are wondering whether their use is safe, then the composition of such an HHC cartridge depends above all. If you shop at verified HHC shops, you don't have to worry about anything. The content of hexahydrocannabinol in HHC distillate in vaporizer cartridges is usually in the range of 95-99% HHC. Price of one cartridge HHC, which can last quite a long time, is on the order of 500 CZK.

hhc cartridge
HHC cartridge for vaporizer.

HHC sale - liquid

The English word liquid can be translated as liquid or fluid. These are therefore liquid mixtures, or fillings if you will, intended for electronic cigarettes. The basis of such a solution is vegetable glycerin, which has no color or odor, but is sweet. The active substance dissolves in it.

In the case of tobacco liquids, which are commonly available in tobacco shops, the active substance is nicotine, which, however, quickly develops physical dependence. In HHC liquid, of course, the active substance is hexahydrocannabinol, and in very high quantities. You can find sales in our shop HHC liquid 50%. The refills contain lots of cannabinoids and terpenes, but no nicotine at all. The risk of addiction is therefore minimal. HHC liquids only contain trace amounts of THC, so they should not show up on a drug test. However, please take this information with a grain of salt as this is still a new HHC product for which we do not have many reviews.

HHC refills come in many flavors, so you can keep testing new and new varieties. Sweet HHC liuqid you will simply fall in love with the fruity flavor! Just pour a little liquid into the container of the electronic cigarette and you can immediately start the electronic cigarette. As soon as you start inhaling vapor brimming with hexahydrocannabinol and other cannabinoids, it will only take a moment for the long-awaited effect of HHC to arrive and you will finally be able to completely free yourself from everyday worries and stress. At least that's how the HHC reviews circulating the internet describe it.

hhc liquid
HHC liquid can be purchased in many flavors.

HHC liquid and its other benefits

HHC vaporization has other advantages in addition to ease of use and fairly accurate dosing of hexahydrocannabinol. Vaping is much healthier than traditional smoking. Either tobacco or a cannabis joint. However, it is definitely not worth buying cheap liquids from China from unknown brands, where the harmless composition is not guaranteed. In the case of our cannabis CBD a HHC liquid you are sure that none of the ingredients in the cannabis concentrate are carcinogenic. Vaping can have a side effect, in addition to easier breathing, as well as lowering blood pressure. If you quit smoking for good, your sense of smell and taste will return to full intensity.

Did you know that…? If you decide to quit smoking, it is statistically proven that you are about twice as likely to succeed when you switch to a vaporizer than when you try to quit with nicotine gum and patches.

Sale of HHC gummies

Pro sweet treats with HHC content there are many names. Most of them are from English. They are called HHC gummies, HHC jelly, or HHC edibles. However, we still like the completely ordinary Czech name of HHC bonbons, or HHC medvídci in another way. These are gelatin delicacies that, in addition to sugar, also contain hexahydrocannabinol, which is being talked about all the time. The HHC content of candies varies. It usually ranges from units to tens of mg of HHC per candy.

HHC jelly is sold online and in brick-and-mortar HHC shops in a wide variety of variations. Whether it's their shape, flavor, color, or HHC content. This, of course, has a major influence on the effects that make HHC teddy bears so popular. You can use them at any time of the day. As soon as they start working, you will feel a pleasant relaxation and a kind of excitement. This will affect your creativity, which will take on a completely new dimension. Thanks to gummies, you can enjoy very pleasant moments spent studying, working, creating and relaxing. Reviews of HHC jelly describe increased sensory attention after consuming them.

Selected for edibles lovers: HHC gummies Skittles, this is the best-selling product from the e-shop category HHC candies. You will simply fall in love with delicious gelatin gummies with an amazingly sweet flavor! And not just their taste! The effects of HHC gummies work wonders..

HHC sale - extract category

One of the very interesting items that HHC sale offers is a special category called HHC extract. This includes, for example, hashish, which most of us are probably familiar with. But you know what it means HHC dab and wax? It's not so much fun if you don't specialize in cannabis. Don't worry, we have also written about this topic for you to help you understand the special magic of HHC extracts.

HHC Hashish

The best-known representative of hemp extracts is undoubtedly hashish. Also referred to as hash, hashish, and more. We would find a lot of slang names. Notorious producers of illegal hashish are mainly Morocco, Afghanistan and Nepal. However, in conjunction with hexahydrocannabinol, we obtain a completely different type of hemp product. And especially also legal substances.

The best HHC hash and the methodology of its processing can be recognized by its structure. It should be firm and whole. No solvents are used in the gentle production of HHC hashish. Hemp resin, which is extruded with the help of high pressure, retains all the cannabinoids and terpenes that have a major influence on the effects of HHC hashish.

Our HHC shop offers premium HHC Hashish 50%, which, in addition to hexahydrocannabinol, also contains CBD in an amount of 15%. Speaking of CBD cannabidiol, we would like to add that we also offer high-quality CBD Hashish in several variants.

HHC Hashish
In addition to HHC, HHC hashish also contains CBD and other cannabinoids and terpenes.

HHC dub

Co term HHC dab does it even mean? This is especially true for more experienced cannabis fans. But we are here for everyone, so we will explain to you what is going on here. The English term dab in colloquial English means a drop. Cannabis concentrate in a similar state is "dabbed" using a special type of bong with water, which includes a kettle that needs to be heated to the right temperature. The hemp material is then threaded onto the tip and passed over the heated cauldron. Thanks to this, smoke will begin to be released for us, which we can inhale.

You can get THC dab on the black market, which contains dizzying percentages of tetrahydrocannabinol. However, we will not help you with this, because we follow the applicable legislation and do not exceed the laws. However, our HHC shop offers you HHC dab 95%, which you can buy without fear of prosecution! Yes, you read that right. A dab with such percentages of HHC is an absolutely unbeatable product. You will hardly find an HHC extract on the Czech, or even European, market that even comes close to this dab with an extremely high content of hexahydrocannabinol. So you can probably imagine that the effects of HHC dab are like otherworldly..

HHC dab 95% is a real treat. Of course, it cannot be missed at our HHC shop!

HHC wax

The English word wax means wax. This hemp extract looks very similar to it at first glance. We can also meet other names such as BHO - Butane Hash Oil or Bee Honey Oil. Wax is a type of BHO that resembles honey in consistency. Gas is used to extract this very strong concentrate from hemp, which has not been subjected to further purification. If the hemp wax is of good quality, it retains the cannabinoids and terpenes that are found in the hemp from which we make the extract. We don't see it very often on the market, but with a little research we can find both HHC and CBD wax, which, like HHC dab, can be used by dabbing. Hemp CBD wax we can also use it with the help of a special vaporizer designed for vaping hemp waxes.

Unfortunately, you won't find HHC wax in the offer of our HHC shop yet, but we can offer you a truly superior honey wax CBD, which contains an enticing 69% CBD and its enticing golden color wins the hearts of many a "collector" of CBD products, even though there are CBD on the hemp market extracts with a higher content of cannabidiol. You will especially appreciate the honey consistency when dabbing, as it stretches wonderfully. That's why CBD wax 69% is so popular!

hhc distillate
Broad spectrum CBD extract - 69% CBD / 1% THC. Buy HERE.

HHC sale closed

We have reached the very end of today's topic. We hope that we have not overwhelmed you with information about the hemp products offered by HHC sales. It is probably impossible to remember everything after reading it once, but you can return to our page at any time and look up all the important information about HHC, as well as other cannabinoids that you come across in the cannabis market. Thank you for your patronage and we look forward to seeing you for the article on HHC oil see you soon! 🙂

Edit 16.11.2023

Sale of HHC-P

If you feel that you have already completely exhausted the far-reaching potential of hexahydrocannabinol, then it is definitely not a bad idea to visit the HHC-P e-shop section. Hexahydrocannabiphorol, that's the full name of this cannabis derivative, which should be roughly 10x to 30x stronger than its originator, which is none other than HHC. As with HHC, HHC-P can be purchased in many different forms. This means that you can look forward to first-class flowers, cartridges, disposable foams and other ultra-strong products that are intended only for the most experienced cannabis growers, because with HHC-P it's not worth messing around with!

hhc p cartridge for vape pen various types of black box

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