The HHC product with the highest possible concentration of hexahydrocannabinol is undoubtedly the HHC foam, which contains almost 100% HHC extract. Disposable HHC vaporizers are rightfully the world's bestseller on the market for cannabis products.

If you are looking for an HHC product with the highest possible content of hexahydrocannabinol aka HHC, then it will undoubtedly attract your attention HHC pen with an incredible HHC content of 99%! Yes, you read that right, this disposable vaporizer is literally packed with a revolutionary cannabinoid that is guaranteed to get you high. Just a few puffs of this magical vape and the effects of HHC start working within minutes. If you want to know exactly how the HHC vape works and works, then feel free to continue reading further.

hhh foam
The HHC pen is a simple device for vaporizing pure HHC.

What is HHC?

You must have understood from the previous line that it is a not-so-well-known abbreviation HHC refers to the cannabinoid from hemp, which we call hexahydrocannabinol. If we were to look under the microscope at the HHC cannabis flowers in their organic form, then we would not notice a very large proportion of hexahydrocannabinol. It is reported that the maximum achievable limit of HHC in cannabis or marijuana flowers is around 1% of the dry weight content.

However, in the past, more than one scientist was involved in the research of hemp cannabinoids. An American chemist named Rogers Adams devoted a significant part of his life to this phenomenon, which was still in its infancy at the time. First, in 1940, he succeeded in isolating a chemically pure substance from Cannabis sativa, which is well known today as CBD or cannabidiol. Many of us use it for its numerous therapeutic benefits that this green miracle offers us.

Four years later, this skilled chemist, who was a descendant of an American president, managed to obtain a pure HHC extract thanks to the conversion of tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. A complex chemical process that we call hydrogenation is still used today, for example, in the food industry to convert vegetable fat into margarine. Today, however, THC is not used for the molecular conversion of cannabinoids. In our country, the handling of this illegal substance without a proper permit is prohibited. We use pure CBD to obtain HHC.

We can therefore thank Roger Adams, who is in a way the forefather and discoverer of cannabinoids from hemp, for the subsequent creation of the product called HHC pen. Without his involvement, ours would HHC shop could hardly offer this type of products.

HHC vape pen

There can be many names for this electronic device. Most often we come across the following names – HHC vape, HHC vape pen, HHC vaporizer, etc. They all mean the same thing. They are a term for a vaporizer pen that allows you to inhale HHC extract. The principle is very similar to a classic electronic cigarette, but with the difference that the vaping mixture is HHC liquid, not nicotine. Vaporizing HHC is certainly much less harmful to health than smoking cannabis joints. HHC flowers they can release many harmful substances into the body when burned. However, when vaping HHC, there is no smoke and you are only inhaling a few cannabinoid-infused vapors. So anyone looking for a healthier alternative to smoking cannabis should pay attention. It is for him that the HHC pen seems to be the most suitable choice.

HHC effects

Hexahydrocannabinol has not yet been subjected to as detailed an investigation as CBD or THC. Therefore, we do not have too much knowledge from the scientific community to be able to confirm the following statement about the effects of HHC with 100% certainty. However, HHC reviews from its consumers suggest a lot. This cannabinoid is most often compared to the psychoactive tetrahydrocannabinol. The effects of HHC and THC are similar in many ways. Both cannabinoids can cause altered states of consciousness, provide pain relief, improve sleep quality and fall asleep, act as an anti-inflammatory, treat depression in appropriate doses, and much more.

HHC pen can have a deeply relaxing to euphoric effect on the human body. Many users praise it above all for its ability to act very quickly, really simple operation and practical storage. The HHC vape pen produces vapor that is odorless. So you can fully enjoy the effects of HHC anytime and anywhere, without causing a commotion in the neighborhood that you are a dangerous drug addict.

HHC effects
Hexahydrocannabinol can induce altered states of consciousness.

HHC 99% vape pen

Vaporizer pens with HHC are quite readily available online and in brick-and-mortar cannabis stores. However, their quality can relatively often vary greatly. For maximum pleasure from the effects of HHC, it is a good idea to choose a vape pen with a high hexahydrocannabinol content from a reliable supplier.

If we had to recommend one specific product that we sell in our HHC shop, then this would have to be it 99% HHC vape pen from Eighty8. This disposable HHC vaporizer is not without reason the most sought after in its category. In addition to the excellent effect, it also promises a great taste, which the competition cannot measure up to. In the menu you will find several usual and some less usual flavors. You can enjoy vaping HHC with undertones of exotic cactus or coconut, fresh lemon, juicy mango, and then with a hint of Chinese lychee or bubblegum flavor.

It is difficult to determine the best flavor, you need to try everything properly on your own skin, or rather on your own lungs. 🙂 And then choose your own favorite. The HHC vape pen contains about 250 puffs, and 2-3 puffs are enough to get you really high. So be careful not to underestimate the power of hexahydrocannabinol when testing it initially.

hhc vaporizer cactus
HHC vape pen with 99% HHC content!

HHC sale

Sales of HHC it is not currently regulated in any way in the Czech Republic, so we recommend that you only buy products from verified CBD stores with a long tradition. You can find HHC reviews of our products on many portals dealing with the evaluation of legal entities operating in the hemp products market.

In addition to vape pens, you can also find other HHC products in our offer, which are currently very popular. Indoor grown HHC flowers with a high content of hexahydrocannabinol, which will captivate you not only with their appearance and aroma, are definitely worth mentioning. However, we must not forget HHC candies aka HHC gummies, which are the first psychoactive candies of their kind!

If anything is not clear to you and you want advice on the selection, do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form or by e-mail Thank you!

Author of the article: Philip Hron


Warning: The nature of this article is purely informative. It is not intended to encourage the consumption of HHC flowers or other types of cannabis. The information on our website is used exclusively for educational purposes, i.e. they cannot be taken as a substitute for a doctor's diagnosis or recommended treatment. Our site does not endorse or otherwise support the abuse of narcotic and psychotropic substances.

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