HHC flowers have quickly established themselves as the best-selling item across all over-the-counter cannabinoids in the cannabis market. However, for many people, the legal alternative to THC marijuana can seem quite expensive. So how to buy HHC flowers cheap?

Similar to what happened at the beginning of the boom with CBD products, today the market is starting to be flooded with an abundance of varieties of HHC flowers, but also other products such as HHC pen, gummies and other sought-after goods. If you want to get them at the best possible price, use discount codes when purchasing. Learn more in this article.

What is HHC?

HHC is short for a cannabinoid called hexahydrocannabinol, which characterizes the hydrogenated form of THC. The element called HHC first saw the light of day in 1944, when the American chemist Roger Adams added hydrogen molecules to the delta-9-THC compound to obtain the synthetically created cannabinoid HHC. Simply put, Adams managed to convert tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) into hexahydrocannabinol (HHC).

The process we call hydrogenation is used in a similar way today, for example, in the food industry to convert vegetable oil into margarine. However, since the original production process is based on the manipulation of THC, it is currently illegal in our region.

Hydrogenation strengthens the molecular structure, resulting in HHC it is less susceptible to oxidation and degradation than the original cannabinoid from which it was converted.

This means that if we expose hexahydrocannabinol to the effects of the external environment, such as heat, light or air, it will not lose its potency as quickly as its parent THC or CBD.

HHC is not only a synthetically created cannabinoid, as it is also found in the organic form of the cannabis plant. The problem is that its representation is very minor, as it does not exceed 1% of the total weight of the plant. However, our cheap HHC flowers contain up to 25% HHC!

HHC flowers

The main reason why consumers resort to buying flowers with a high content of hexahydrocannabinol, aka HHC, is that they provide almost identical effects to the illegal cannabinoid THC. The so-called "high" state, feelings of euphoria and endless laughter are undoubtedly known to every marijuana smoker. However, its possession can spell trouble for you. If you light up a cannabis joint in the comfort of your home in the evening, you are again taking a risk. When driving to work in the morning, you can lose your driver's license, because tetrahydrocannabinol, known as THC, can be present in the body tens of hours after its consumption.

HHC flowers? That's a completely different song! This cannabis element is completely legal in our area. You are in absolutely no danger for holding it, what's more? You can even buy it from a large number of e-shops! According to findings so far, the cannabinoid HHC has absolutely brilliant effects on sleep, treating depression or reducing chronic pain.

Even before you resort to buying cheap HHC flowers, please keep in mind that we only sell cannabis flowers on our e-shop for collecting purposes. This means that we do not encourage anyone to consume it and we bear no responsibility for improper use! If you happen to smoke HHC flowers, please keep in mind that it is definitely not a good idea to get behind the wheel of a car immediately after a party.

HHC cannabis flowers
HHC indoor flowers offer the most intense effects.

HHC flowers - more information

The premium HHC flowers that you can find in our offer are among the varieties of cannabis approved for the EU. Crucially, our HHC cannabis flowers never contain more than 1% THC, the maximum legal limit. By respecting these conditions, we can sell our flowers freely. The entire growing process is overseen by experienced farmers who have many years of experience in the field of hemp cultivation. With the help of a special procedure and technology, we bring you unique HHC flowers that also contain very high percentages of other cannabinoids, such as cannabidiol CBD, cannabinol CBN and others. Since our production is high-volume, all our HHC flowers can continue to be cheap.

Hemp flowers HHC
Over the counter HHC flowers never contain more than 1% THC.

Cheap HHC flowers

And now finally to what you probably came to this page for! You entered the phrase HHC flowers cheap in the search engine, is that right? If so, we have very good news for you. We bring you an exclusive discount code for our CBD a HHC shop, using which you get a great discount of 20% on your entire purchase! And not only for HHC flowers!

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Author of the article: Philip Hron



Warning: The nature of this article is purely informative. Its aim is not to encourage consumption HHC products or other types of cannabis. The information on our website is used exclusively for educational purposes, i.e. they cannot be taken as a substitute for a doctor's diagnosis or recommended treatment. Our site does not endorse or otherwise support the abuse of narcotic and psychotropic substances.

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