Have you heard of a new cannabinoid called hexahydrocannabinol or HHC, which is characterized by having similar effects to THC?! And it's completely LEGAL!

This semi-synthetic cannabinoid is raising a wave of questions across the cannabis world. If you are also impressed with the cannabis plant and all that it has to offer us and would like to know something about this news, you are in the right place.

However, it is important to note that research into hexahydrocannabinol is in its infancy. As a result, not all the facts are available, and thus not all the answers to all the questions. Even so, in this article we bring you the results of research carried out so far and also evaluations based on users.

In today's article, you will learn what HHC is, how it is produced and how it works, for example HHC flowers a HHC pen.

What is HHC and how is it produced?

Although hexahydrocannabinol is still talked about as a novelty, this substance was discovered as early as 1944. The chemist Roger Adams is behind this discovery, specifically, who added several hydrogen molecules to Delta-9 THC.

This process, called hydrogenation, gives rise to this unique substance. So the exact definition is the semi-synthetic cannabinoid and the hydrogen form of THC.

In the organic form of the hemp plant, HHC is represented in an extremely low concentration, therefore it must undergo synthesis in the laboratory, for which it is most appropriate to choose a sustainable path, i.e. the production of hexahydrocannabinol from natural CBD. However, the resulting product is molecularly identical to natural HHC. We distinguish between two variants of hexahydrocannabinol, variant S and variant R. The higher the ratio of variant R, the better the product.

The hydrogenation process alters the structure of THC by breaking the double bond with two hydrogen atoms. The hydrogenation process thus gives rise to a substance that is more stable and resistant to thermo-oxidative decomposition. Hexahydrocannabinol exhibits higher resistance to UV radiation and heat and has a longer shelf life.

Effects of the cannabinoid HHC

The potential of HHC products still needs to be fully explored. We can already summarize at least the basic facts about this new product. Hexahydrocannabinol is very soluble in water, due to the chemical modifications it creates, which increases its bioavailability and effects on our body.

  • Reduction of depression and stress levels

It can be used to combat the conditions mentioned above, thanks to its anxiolytic properties.

  • Improving sleep quality

Users of HHC flowers and vaporizers report an improvement in sleep quality that occurs along with a relaxation of body and mind.

According to findings so far, hexahydrocannabinol has really impressive effects on sleep. According to one of the studies, it extends the sleep period by an incredible 80-700%!

  • Relieves pain

In the fight against pain, especially chronic pain, HHC may even be more effective than CBD, precisely because of its bioavailability and higher efficacy.

  • Improves skin diseases

It can successfully suppress inflammation while promoting skin cell growth.

Hexahydrocannabinol can be effective in fighting loss of appetite, stopping the growth of tumor cells, lack of energy and bad mood. However, we must note that further research will be needed to substantiate and expand the current list.

Side effects

Due to its short time on the market, most of the information is debatable. However, currently available sources indicate that both THC and HHC have a comparable list of side effects. These are described similarly to THC, especially when used in higher doses.

  • Increased sleepiness

It can cause drowsiness especially in higher doses.

  • Dry mouth

During use, you may experience dryness in the mouth, which will go away by following the drinking regime.

  • Indigestion

Hexahydrocannabinol can cause diarrhea, loss of appetite or changes in appetite.

  • Drug interactions

For example, blood thinners can react with HHC products. Consult your doctor before use!

Attention! In excessive doses, it can cause anxiety, dizziness, paranoia and sleep disturbances!

Side effects of HHC
Learn about possible side effects.

How is it used?

We can find hexahydrocannabinol in many forms on the market, just like the better-known CBD. We also find certain differences in the use of this cannabinoid. The most common forms of use are the following:

  • Oral consumption

Due to its solubility in water, it is ideal to mix with drinks or food. You can use it in the form HHC candies, if you want gummies, capsules, drops or tablets. With oral administration, it is necessary to expect that the effect will occur in approx. 20-30 minutes, as it must first be absorbed through the small intestine into the circulatory system.

  • Local application

This point includes various creams and cosmetics in general. Unfortunately, there are not too many of these products on the market at the moment, as research and testing are just at the beginning.

  • Inhalation

When inhaling the HHC vaporizer, the cannabinoid gets directly into the lungs with the help of steam, which ensures a very fast onset of effect. The very popular HHC flowers also work in the same way.

hc vape
Inhalation has a very fast onset of action.

Try HHC products for yourself!

Whether you try our favorites HHC gummies, or our vaporizers, you can't go wrong. But it's always best to use products in smaller doses to see what works for your body. This is the safest way to enjoy yourself hexahydrocannabinol to the maximum.

Author of the article: Markéta Jánošíková



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