A simple joint wrapping tutorial for beginners. We will describe how to make filters for a joint, or how best to crush CBD flowers. In short, we will show you step by step how to wrap a quill from legal CBD hemp.

What will we need to pack CBD joints?

  • CBD hemp according to your own choice
  • Papers
  • Filters for the joint
  • Crush (or scissors)
  • Optional: A pen or similarly shaped object to help us wrap the perfect CBD joint.

Our TIP: Always carry at least one extra piece of paper with you. Gluing from backup paper is perfect for repairing smaller tears that may occur during packaging.

Joint CBD
CBD joints is a marijuana "cigarette" containing legal CBD hemp.

1. CBD flowers - preparation

In order to achieve an even filling of the paper with the hemp mixture, it is necessary to carefully grind the flowers and get rid of the stems, which could tear the paper during the process of packing the CBD joint. The best way to get a herbal mixture of the perfect consistency is to use it crusher.

You will find an abundance of shredders on the market. It is made, for example, of plastic, metal, wood, stone... etc. Which one you choose is entirely up to you. The purchase price can significantly affect the life of this tool. For a start, however, a completely ordinary one will be enough plastic shredder.

This tool will also help you in that your hands will not be sticky from hemp resin and the paper will not stick to your hands. If you don't have a grinder, you can cut the herb with scissors or crush it by hand. If they are yours CBD flowers well dried, crushing CBD hemp will be very easy.

Packing joints
The grinder will help us prepare CBD flowers with perfect consistency.

How many grams per joint?

To begin with, we recommend using 1/2 gram of carefully crushed CBD flowers and classic paper. It is easier to roll a joint with a smaller weight.

Attention! Most of the paper sold in stores is designed for 1 whole gram. However, we recommend starting with the king size when you get better at packing joints. Pack gram CBD joint cannabis is not as easy as it might seem at first glance.

2. Filters for the joint

You can either buy ready-made CBD joint filters or make them yourself at home. They can be made from almost any kind of paper, but it is best to use thin cardboard or a business card. Many wrapping papers have very good packaging material for this purpose, which is mostly made of thin cardboard of optimal width. So just tear off a piece of the packaging and twist it the right way.

Start with a few "accordion" folds on the end of this stiffer paper and then roll it to the desired thickness of the CBD joint. Of course, pre-roll can also be done without a filter, but it is not a very practical solution. In addition, the filter sufficiently strengthens yours hemp joint.

CBD flowers cheap
CBD flowers cheap. A wide range of high-quality CBD hemp.

3. Fill the joint with CBD flowersty

Take a piece of paper, insert a filter at the end of one side, and then evenly sprinkle crushed CBD hemp into it. Once you have enough flowers in the paper (half a gram is the ideal weight to start with), you can start rolling your CBD joint.

Note: On the market you can find a really large number of different types and flavors of paper. Many people prefer hemp blunts, which are thin but very durable.

How to pack a quill
Place the filter on the end of the paper and then carefully pour into the paper CBD hemp.

4. Wrap a CBD joint

Once you have a paper filled with cannabis, it's time to wrap your joint. Grab the paper with the CBD flowers with your fingertips and roll it back and forth between your fingers to CBD joints nicely modeled into the iconic cone shape.

CBD joint
CBD joints model the fingertips.

5. Roll up your joint

This step will greatly affect the final quality of the CBD joint. There are several options for wrapping a cannabis joint. We have chosen the "basic" one for you.

Once you have the filter paper filled with CBD flowers nicely modeled, proceed to the final phase of packaging the joint. Push one side of the paper (without gluing) inside so that it touches the other and roll it up slightly with your fingers. Then, lick the sticking paper on the upper edge and wrap it around with smooth rolling.

packing a joint
Lick the top edge of the paper and tighten CBD joint by rolling.

6. Twist the CBD joint

To ensure that the CBD flowers do not fall out of the joint, it is good to turn one side (the one without the filter). This is the last step in the joint packing process. We can press the end of the paper inward with a pen or a similarly shaped object, or simply grab the tips of our fingers and twist it to the tip.

CONGRATULATIONS! You just wrapped your own CBD joints!

How to pack a quill in your hand
CBD flowers have a strong effect on reducing stress levels and putting the body into rest mode.

Prepackaged tubes

The easiest way to pack joints is by use prepackaged tubes with filter. You just need to poke CBD flowers into them, twist a piece of paper, and a sample CBD joint is born. This is an ideal option for all CBD cannabis lovers who want to enjoy the ritual of packaging, while saving time and sometimes their nervous system, because not everyone excels in this discipline. 🙂

Prepackaged CBD joints

If you tried to make your own CBD joint, but the result did not excite you too much, you can buy our ready made hemp joints with a high content of cannabidiol and other cannabinoids. In the offer of our CBD shop, you will find prepackaged joints sold individually in glass tubes, or premium joints with CBD & CBG hemp in a designer box with special IntegraBoost technology.

You can find a wide range of these collectible items in the e-shop section CBD joints.

Warning: The nature of this article is purely informative. It does not aim to encourage the consumption of CBD flowers or other types of cannabis. The information on our website is used exclusively for educational purposes, i.e. they cannot be taken as a substitute for a doctor's diagnosis or recommended treatment. Our site does not endorse or otherwise support the abuse of narcotic and psychotropic substances.

Sources: https://www.leafly.com/news/cannabis-101/how-to-roll-a-joint


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