The third most widespread cannabinoid called cannabigerol has, according to studies to date, significant medicinal and therapeutic effects. All important about CBG you will find out in this article!

CBG was discovered in the 60s. However, its popularity has only started to grow steeply in recent years. Its tremendous therapeutic potential has long been overlooked. Now he is getting a well-deserved limelight. Read the following article to learn more about cannabigerol.

What is CBG?

Repetition is the mother of wisdom. So let's remind ourselves what the acronym CBG actually means. Behind the three letters CBG is a cannabinoid called cannabigerol, cannabigerol in Czech. It comes from the same group of cannabinoids as the infamous THC or the much-vaunted CBD (cannabidiol). Cannabigerol, to which today's article is dedicated, could be described as the basic building block of the cannabis plant. It is he who is created first in the herb and then further transformed into the above-mentioned elements, which we call cannabinoids.

Cannabis seeds contain the most CBG in the early stages of growth, but usually do not contain much CBG in adulthood. However, using complex genetic processes, experts in the field of cannabis cultivation have succeeded in breeding special varieties rich in cannabigerol, where its representation is the majority compared to other cannabinoids. In percentage terms, CBG can reach very high values.

CBG is short for a cannabinoid called Cannabigerol.

With flowers CBG Cannabis can already be found quite often on the Czech market. We can also come across hemp CBG oils, which are mostly produced by mixing pure hemp extract with a carrier oil. Most often it is purified MCT oil. In this way, a hemp tincture called hemp is produced CBG oil. Prepackaged CBG joints we don't see each other that often.

How does CBG work?

Cannabigerol or CBG interacts with the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The receptors of this system consist of neurohormones that can affect how we feel, whether we have an appetite, or how we react to pain, for example. Once CBG interacts with the ECS, physiological changes occur.

CB1 and CB2 cell receptors interact with the cannabinoids from hemp, which are natural to our body. In this way, cannabigerol can help us maintain the stability of the internal environment of our organism so that all important values ​​are in balance. This constancy is called homeostasis. For all living organisms (i.e. also for humans) existence itself is a condition.

The endocannabinoid system performs a variety of functions. These include the regulation of hormone levels, body temperature or mood, which is supported by the production of endocannabinoids. In our body, they are part of a number of important sophisticated systems such as the brain, nervous system or immune system.

In short, CBG can help us regulate the level of hormones that affect whether we feel happy, how strong our defenses are, or how intensely we experience pain.

CBG oil can activate the receptors of the endocannabinoid system.

Pattern of behavior of cannabinoids contained in cannabis CBD oils is quite similar in that regard. The overall effects of CBD and CBG are also very comparable. These are non-psychoactive cannabinoids that do not affect changes in the state of mind and consciousness. This is very important information for many of us.

They can improve our mood, although it is not an artificially induced euphoric state, as is the case with psychedelics or antidepressants and other medications. We can therefore carry out all our daily activities normally even after the application of cannabigerol or cannabidiol. If necessary, they can be used at any time of the day. Hemp oil with CBG is also very storable, so you can have it at hand at any time.

But how is cannabigerol aka CBG different?

CBD vs CBG difference

In organic form, CBG is less concentrated than CBD or THC. Commonly grown hemp species contain roughly 1% CBG, while the THC content in hemp is many times higher. The same is often true of CBD. Cannabigerol is not so "seen" yet, despite being the third most widely used cannabinoid in the world.

For many decades, cannabigerol was overlooked and people hardly used it, with rare exceptions. Even so, numerous types of cannabis have been used for their medicinal effects. With today's scientific knowledge, we are still a bit further, so we can select cannabinoids according to their specific properties, which can be reflected in the effectiveness of the effect we expect from them in the given area. Thanks to the great results of the challenge in recent years, CBG has started to gain a lot of popularity.

Cannabigerol is not as common in organic form as CBD or THC.

The main difference

The main difference between CBD and CBG is how these cannabinoids interact with the endocannabinoid system. According to available information, CBD helps stimulate the ECS to create its own endocannabinoids, it does not bind to receptors in cells. Compared to that CBG oil it directly interacts with the CB1 and CB2 cell receptors found in the brain.

Thanks to this phenomenon, the endocannabinoid system is activated. As mentioned above, the ECS affects many vital functions and has a big impact on how we feel. Because of its directness, CBG appears to be even more effective than cannabidiol CBD. However, all studies are still at an early stage, so they cannot be 100% confirmed.

If you are interested in what specific effects can be expected from CBG oil and how it differs from its famous competitor, which we know well under the name CBD oil, then feel free to continue reading further.

CBG oil - effects

Cannabigerol has a calming effect on the body. One of the main effects of CBG oil is undoubtedly its ability to relieve pain. According to available information, the suppressive effects of cannabigerol are the most pronounced with CBG of all cannabinoids. Thanks to this, CBG oil can reduce the level of stress and related states of anxiety or depression.

As a result, it also has a beneficial effect on the speed of falling asleep and quality sleep, which is significantly influenced by the mood we are currently in. The effects of CBG oil can also affect the health of our skin. CBG oil is a prized helper in the fight against acne. Hemp oil with CBG can also strengthen the immune and cardiovascular systems.

Effects of CBG oil could be roughly characterized in the following points:

  • Like CBD, it is not psychoactive
  • It can have a beneficial effect on the length and quality of sleep
  • Supports sleep and regeneration
  • It has a positive effect on stress reduction
  • It contributes to the overall relaxation of the organism
  • It strengthens the immune system
  • It strengthens the cardiovascular system
  • It has a dampening effect on pain
  • It can help fight acne
  • It can act as an appetite stimulant
  • It can improve bone growth

CBG oil for sleep

CBG oil is most popular with people suffering from insomnia. A large part of the population is struggling with a lack of sleep these days, which is why the popularity of cannabigerol is growing rapidly. Insomnia is largely influenced by the modern lifestyle, which is very fast, full of hustle and bustle. TV monitors and mobile phone displays are full of redundant information for our brains.

However, brain capacity is not inexhaustible, so you should be able to find time for yourself and get away from everything for a while. In short, get a good quality rest. Ours can help you with that to some extent broad spectrum oil. So if you want to sleep better at night, consider applying a few drops of CBG oil before bed.

Antibacterial effects of CBG

In addition to the already mentioned beneficial effects, it has also been proven that CBG oil has strong antibacterial effects. If we put this finding into practice, it could be an interesting alternative to antibiotics, which work on the same principle in the treatment of diseases.

However, it is against them CBG oil much more gentle, as it is a purely natural product. In addition to its "one-time" effect in the fight against the disease, it also appears to be a great method of prevention, since a cannabinoid called cannabigerol can strengthen the immune system.

CBG as an appetite stimulant

If we look at research information from 2016, we find that CBG oil can act as an appetite stimulant. This therapeutic effect of CBG oil could be used to treat diseases such as anorexia.

Better bone growth with CBG

Strong and healthy bones are the foundation of a well-built body shell. This aspect should be taken into account especially by athletes who regularly exert a heavy load on their muscles and bones. If they want to avoid fractures, they should use preparations to support the skeletal system. Otherwise, they may risk fractures.

According to recent studies, CBG can be very beneficial for better bone growth. People who suffer from fractures should consider using CBG oil, as it can speed healing and serve as a prevention of these injuries.

CBG oil can be an effective alternative to synthetically produced drugs.

CBG oil for cancer

Studies on this topic are still in their early stages. CBG oil however, according to current knowledge, it can slow down or even stop the growth of tumor cells. As is the case with its related cannabinoid CBD. Cannabigerol can thus offer help in the treatment of various types of cancer such as lung cancer, skin cancer, prostate cancer, leukemia, brain cancer, colon cancer or breast cancer.

This is according to currently available studies. The most used method of treatment – ​​chemotherapy, shows a whole range of strongly undesirable effects. They can be manifested by fatigue, nausea or headache. Cannabigerol can negate all these manifestations. So maybe one day we will see that hemp oil with CBG will be officially used for the treatment of various types of cancer. For now, however, this is the music of the future.

Side effects of CBG oils

About the side effects of CBG oil or other forms of CBG we have little information yet. But it follows from the research so far that it is very well tolerated. It cannot yet be confirmed with absolute certainty, but everything indicates that cannabigerol has almost no side effects. Certainly not in a reasonable amount.

I can confirm this from personal experience, because I myself tested hemp oil for a long time and tried large doses CBG Oil 20%. If I were to write a review on CBG oil, it would only contain positives. Especially in the area of ​​sleep, the intervals of which have increased significantly while using CBG oil. I hardly woke up at night, the next day I felt better and rested.

CBG Oil Review

I find the effects of CBG oil very interesting and exciting because I have never experienced anything like it before. The onset of the effect of cannabigerol is quite subtle. At first it seems to you that nothing is happening. However, after a short period of time, you suddenly start to find yourself becoming more and more calm and your stress levels begin to decrease.

You begin to find that you can much better distinguish the importance of individual things and problems that you face on a daily basis. It could be said that a lot of unnecessary worries suddenly melt away and no longer cause you restlessness and the associated feeling of anxiety or depression. But watch out! All this with a completely sober and clear mind, no intoxication. Really remarkable.

The effects of CBG oil are very impressive.

CBG oil - use and dosage

Similar to the case with CBD dosage, here too it is recommended to start with a smaller dose (concentration) of CBG oil. The goal is not to flood our organism with cannabinoids and create an unnecessary tolerance. Even a small dose of CBG oil can have the desired effect. In general, it is not possible to determine the optimal dosage of cannabigerol, as it can have a slightly different effect on everyone. The effectiveness of CBG oil is influenced by many aspects from gender to weight to the health status of the individual.

Increasing the dose is recommended in case of long-term use, when there is no improvement or you notice that the effect is starting to weaken. Cannabigerol has great therapeutic potential, so start with a lower dose and increase slowly as needed. However, you do not have to worry about overdosing with help CBG oil you can't. But don't push anything. Observe how the body will react and listen to it.

We recommend using CBG oil especially in the evening, when you can best observe its effect. I would consider the optimal time of application roughly 20-30 minutes before bedtime. The calming effect of CBG can help you get rid of unnecessary worries that you probably won't solve that day anyway, especially if it's late at night. "Morning wiser evening", that's true. Hemp oil with CBG is best put under the tongue, wait 60-90 seconds and then swallow. If you don't like the taste of CBG oil, you can add it to your favorite drink.

CBG oil is best used in the evening.

CBG content in hemp products:
CBG oil 5% – 500 mg CBG – one drop contains approx. 2,5 mg CBG
CBG oil 10% – 1000 mg CBG – one drop contains approx. 5 mg CBG
CBG oil 20% – 2000 mg CBG – one drop contains approx. 10 mg CBG

CBG oil is sold in glass bottles with a volume of 10 ml, which contains approximately 250 drops.

For example, if you decide on a daily dose of 3 drops CBG oil, then the bottle will last you almost three months.

CBG oil's speed of action

The effect of CBG oil can be felt after 10 minutes of application. But a lot depends on how we deliver it to the body. If we drop the oil under the tongue, the onset of the effect will be the fastest. For example, if we don't like the taste of CBG hemp oil and we drip it into a drink or food, we will have to wait a little longer for the effect to take place.

Cannabigerol must first be absorbed in the small intestine and then enter the bloodstream, from where it is distributed to the rest of the body within the circulatory system. With a full stomach, CBG is absorbed more slowly, so it is best to take the cannabis product for a longer time before a meal, or on an empty stomach. However, it is not a condition.

A drop of CBG oil under the tongue guarantees the fastest onset of effect.

Did you know that…?

Long-term application of the cannabinoid CBG can lead to the development of a reverse tolerance. This means that a smaller amount may paradoxically be enough to achieve the desired results after several months of intensive use hemp oil?!

Our tip for a quiet evening

CBG oil can become part of your daily relaxation ritual. Apply a few drops of CBG oil under your tongue, play soothing music, close your eyes and breathe deeply. Don't worry about what you have to do the next day at work or school. Live only in this moment. Get back to mental well-being thanks to quality relaxation with hemp CBG oil. This will give you new energy for the next day, which you can spend in high productivity and creativity mode.

Hemp oil with CBG can be a very good helper, for example, during meditation.

CBG drug interactions

We don't yet know much about how cannabigerol can interact with prescription or over-the-counter medications. If you are taking any kind of medication, it is definitely a good idea to consult your doctor first before starting to use CBG oil. Here, however, a lot depends on the attitude of your doctor. Whether he is a sympathizer of alternative medicine or not. In the second case, he will most likely tell you that the use of CBG oil is nonsense, even though the researches of the scientific teams speak quite clearly so far.

Consulting your doctor is especially important if you are taking medications that may interact with grapefruit. Grapefruit juice can cause inhibition and thereby affect the effectiveness or concentration of individual drugs in the body.

Medications that often carry this warning include:

  • antibiotics
  • cancer drugs
  • antiepileptic drugs
  • blood pressure medication
  • blood thinners
  • cholesterol medication
  • corticosteroids
  • drugs for erectile dysfunction
  • heart rhythm medications
  • immunosuppressants
  • antidepressants
  • painkillers
  • prostate medication

Cannabidiol aka CBD can affect how your body metabolizes these drugs. It is not yet clear whether CBG has the same property. However, due to the great similarity between CBD and CBG oil, we believe that cannabigerol could have the same effect on drug metabolism.

Definitely for you when you start using CBG oil we do not recommendto discontinue any prescription medication without the consent of your attending physician.

How to choose CBG oil?

Nowadays, with the boom in hemp CBD and CBG products, it can be difficult to find a quality product. One could say that the state institution is only interested in the content THC in cannabis. The market for hemp products is therefore not regulated in any way, and factors affecting quality are often neglected even by traders. CBD oils the internet is full of it, but finding quality CBG oil may not be so easy.

Here are some tips to help you choose CBG oil.

Broad spectrum CBG oil should be an obvious choice.

CBG Oil Review

First of all, we definitely recommend buying especially from verified traders who have numerous and above all for their hemp products positive reviews. CBG oils from such traders offer certainty in terms of quality, cannabinoid content and overall non-competitiveness of the cannabis product, the subsequent use of which is absolutely harmless and safe.

Look for full spectrum

Cannabinoids work best when taken together. At least that's what many professional publications say. Therefore, we recommend searching exclusively broad spectrum CBG oil, which, in addition to cannabigerol, also contains a small amount of others cannabinoids and terpenes. Cannabis tinctures with a full spectrum of cannabinoids offer a so-called "accompanying" effect.

If you want to feel the effects of CBG oil to the fullest, definitely reach for it full spectrum hemp oil.

Oil testing

All reputable companies that sell CBG oils should have them tested not only for cannabinoids, but also for heavy metals or pesticides. Before purchasing hemp oil with CBG, check the seller's website for information on whether hemp tinctures are tested by an accredited laboratory or not.

Settle for only the best. CBG oil should be tested regularly.

CBG Oil Price

That being said - the occurrence of CBG is not nearly as common as the cannabinoids CBD or THC. Production of oil from CBG Cannabis is therefore much more expensive. Cannabigerol is said to be the most expensive of all cannabinoids, and its popularity stems from this. Considering the purchase price and availability oils is not the best-selling cannabis tincture, although its medicinal effects can be really diverse.

A few words about CBG in conclusion

We strongly believe that you enjoyed today's article about CBG oil and that you learned everything you wanted to know about cannabigerol. If you did not find the answer to your question about this oil and its effects here, then do not hesitate to contact us. We will do our best to answer your question satisfactorily.

Deciding whether hemp CBG oil to buy or not, of course we leave it up to you. Bottom line - due to all the health benefits and almost no side effects, it is a great kind of "alternative" medicine that can reduce anxiety in everyday life, eliminate sometimes unnecessary worries or relieve chronic pain and other discomforts.

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